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I think I found my rotators!


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I finally think I've found how to engage my rotators. I was doing some releves and really thinking about keeping my heel forward when my inner thigh muscles and the muscles sort of to the back and outside of the top of my thigh really started to work. Does this sound about right?


Only thing is, this is soo much harder than what I've been doing! My legs are going to be agony the next day! Eek. :)

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Super congrats! When I first went through this not-so-long ago, I remember thinking plies became one of the hardest exercises ever! But overtime, it's so worth it, and you'll fine everything starts to improve!

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Can you tell me where the rotator muscles are located and what they are called anatomically?



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Hip Articulations


Try this one.

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Not really. Each muscle group has its own function; some are for rotating the leg outwards, some for rotating the leg inwards, some for flexion, some for extension. I think that for ballet's sake, we should think about using our muscles to stabilize and support our bones in whatever positons we put them in.


Plus we have to factor in the muscles of the upper leg, like the inner thighs and hamstrings, which are also utilized in ballet to control rotation. Basically, you need to do exercises that help you identify those muscles, and then you need to use them!

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Thanks Miss Clara and Ami! I'm pleased, but am anticipating an exhausting class tomorrow. I'll just try and concentrate on maintaining the engagement throughout class. And buy in extra painkillers for the morning after :shrug:

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I'm back at about square 1.5 with this as well - I'm super frustrated because I had worked on using them so hard, and had finally got some reasonable turnout and lines... but oh well... we'll both be hobbling around the UK this weekend it seems! :P

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