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Dancing for grades at university

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At my uni(s), the teachers gave written assignments to give us our grades, and didn't grade on our performance in class. I think we had about 4 projects to complete in addition to taking class. If the grade wasn't a "top grade" then it was down to academics, not dance. I like that method!


I was a dance/drama minor with my education major, btw.

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They don't grade our technique classes at Tisch and instead use pass/fail. They've found that attaching a grade to a technique forces the dancers to work through injury, pain, and sickness to keep up their GPA.


Some people like this and others complain about work ethic. Almost everyone works extremely hard except for those few that you always get. The way I look at it is that once you get out of school, no one is going to tell you to get out of bed and go to class or work harder. Hopefully if I put more into it than the next person, I'll get more out of it in the end.


So basically the grading system there works for me.

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