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How many hours are enough? and is there a point of diminished returns?


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I have followed this thread with interest. As a dance parent I have always insisted that my dk's were incredibly consistent about being at class every day and not missing. As a teacher, I watch my students with injuries and for many (not all) of them the injuries come after periods of inconsistency. They bounce in and out missing for this school meeting, this project that needs doing, homework etc etc. And then when something important is upcoming they start digging in and get injured. I think that reasonable and consistent work is what the keeps the dancer healthy. I think they need daily class.

I am not a vocational school and I strongly recommend consistency and strong work ethic but the pressures of school and the fatigue from getting up so early just get to be too much. This becomes a vicious cycle of missing because they are tired and then getting injured because of not enough consistency. If only we could partner with the academic schools to give some additional support for young people persuing a career in dance. :D

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