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I feel like a complete idiot.

I just got done ordering several custom cut leotards and a unitard from Rivers Edge. I also started some other accessory shopping and was browsing a catalog that has been in the house for ages. I found their body wear size chart for Balera, Watercolors and a few other things, and was stunned to find the girth length for XL exceeds even my need for girth by one inch.

They don't even call them tall sizes but anything that will fit a girl 6 foot 2 inches ought to be.


Apparently I didn't need to order Bal Togs pricier stuff. They cost me extra for a plus size (they cut way small compared to their charts) and cost even more for extra length. I didn't think it was horrible at the time when thinking it was the only way, but now I realize I could have spent half the money. I only confirmed my last order yesterday. :D:shrug:

I am going to have to order maybe one $20 something leotard and confirm they really fit but this just kills me for the timing.

I figured I had better share the info before anybody else goes ordering special when you don't have to. The catalog is Dancewear Solutions.


I hope the rest of you long torso girls can find some good stuff.



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Balera leos are VERY long. My girth is extremely low - less than what is often listed for children's large, despite recent width-wise growth! Smalls in Balera are WAY TOO LONG for me. I gave one leo to a friend who has a really long torso, usually wears a long medium or a large, and the small fit her.


That said, sometimes I think the cut does matter. If you want to try, order an even cheaper leo off dancewear solutions' clearance pages!

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:unsure: Hello,

I too found out the hard way that Balera fits really long... the only good thing is that I can easily wear child sizes in their leotards(:

In terms of cut and quality... I love their leotards! The fabric quality is good, cut is very flattering, and you can't beat the price!


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Excellent advice.

I thoroughly enjoyed their clearance page and got something that I never thought I would find in a dance wear store; a body liner.

I also got a leo that was about $22, but one I can use, and some tights I have been wanting to try....convertible ones. I am not sure if they will fit but it will be worth a shot.


I will report in on the fit whenever the package arrives.



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I've returned every Balera leo I ever ordered. (I always order a new brand in several styles and several sizes in each style) Unlike others who have posted I didn't find the cuts to be very flattering- and they certainly don't allow any derriere coverage. Really cute styles but I found their execution of them to be poor.

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I never heard of this brand before, but I like some of their styles and I'm tempted to try one out.


No clue what size to get though. I'm 5'6" with an average length torso and average dancer build. I normally wear a medium in brands like Mirella and Capezio.

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Hey, thanks for the link to the website. I find some really nice styles there! And to my delight, they do ship internationally.

I was wondering if there is anybody out there who is also 5'3" tall and around 108 lbs (-->that's me :D ). My girth length is 58". Would an Adult S Balera leotard fit me? Or should I opt for the kid's leotards? Any advice?

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Airchild, we don't typically post height/weight info here so you may find that removed by a moderator soon. All I can suggest is to order one of each and sell whichever doesn't fit locally (ebay or similar).

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Airchild, we don't typically post height/weight info here so you may find that removed by a moderator soon. All I can suggest is to order one of each and sell whichever d

oesn't fit locally (ebay or similar).




Thanks for your reply. Sorry, I didn't realize that it is not allowed to post height/weight info here. May I know the rationale behind this?


For me, selling leotards that don't fit here is not really an option because I would have lost so much money already having to pay for international shipping in the first place. That is why I wanted to check the sizing before I make the purchase. But no biggie. I can just not buy at all and save me some $$$ :unsure:

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The height/weight thing is really more for questions like "I'm X" tall and weigh Y pounds can I ever be a ballet dancer" and what not that can get out of control. The mods haven't changed your post so I assume a sizing question is allowed. Height/weight are obviously pretty relevant for questions like that and this is the adult board so maybe there is a touch more leeway.


I've never owned a balera leotard, but maybe you'll get some answers over the next few days. The adult board sometimes moves slower (as we all have jobs and families and such).

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The company has size charts and if they do not appear on the website, e-mailing them your size info would likely get you some good advice on which to choose. They would use basic measurements and possibly height and weight for certain items like tights.

Just be aware that cotton/lycra leotards run smaller than the size chart suggests in my little bit of experience.




is the place to look.



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Thanks, rshevin and Laschwen, for your replies. :) I have seen a size chart on the site but just wanted to get a "reality check" because there was discussion about the leotards running longer than the size suggests. But I'll get in touch with the website and maybe they'll give me some suggestions.




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I got my second order of Balers Leotards today. One fit. One didn't.

They are the same cut, but different fabrics. The nylon/lycra hangs a few inches longer than the cotton lycra and holds a little tighter to my hips. It is a keeper. The cotton lycra seemed wider and rode up a lot. I generally like wearing cotton better but not this one...

You would never believe the first XL cotton lycra style I tried was the same size as either of these. I couldn't even get the first one up past my waist. That could be a problem with ordering.

The quality is OK. I don't get that feeling of "Boy this feels nice" like I did with a So Danca cotton lycra leo. The fabric is not as thick/sturdy and does not give a feeling of holding me in that I like. It may be that is from being larger around.

All in all, if you need some extra length and or width, and find it hard to locate, this will do. It may not end up a favorite, but I'll be dressed for one more class per week without having to do laundry.

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