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Please Help! Spotting for pirouettes

- ' freya

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Hi, :cool2:

My teacher says that my pirouettes are fine but i need to work on my spotting as im either too early or too late spinning my head round. So please, please, please, please give me tips and soloutions to this. it would really help me. THANKS! :unsure:

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Welcome - ' freya to Ballet Talk for Dancers and the Young Dancer's forum. Please take a few moments to introduce yourself in the Welcome Forum. We are delighted to meet new members. :unsure:


As for spotting, if you remember the head is the last to leave and the first to come around, it can be very helpful. Look in the mirror, turn slowly around yourself. When you can no longer turn without seeing yourself, quickly switch your head to the other side, see yourself and then continue with your body. Your head must remain upright, no tilting in one direction nor the other.


It can be most helpful if your teacher could help you until you get the idea. You must see yourself at the beginning and end of each turn when remaining enface. Do not swich to the corners until you have mastered enface.

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