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Ballet Schools in Virginia - Charlottesvile/Richmond area


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I was wondering if anyone knew of strong ballet programs in the Charlottesville/Richmond area. Preferably closer to Charlottesville. I already know about Richmond Ballet, but would like to know if there are any others. I am trying to get out of the Dinkie-Dolly school that I am going to now. Thanks so much!

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Just wanted to say that I found a couple of schools that worked for the year I was in need of classes:


(1) Albemarle Ballet Theater in Crozet, VA - they offer good training, the director used to dance with Joffrey ballet and has turned out some great dancers. Most of the dancers that show potential go on to a residency in high school with the directors blessing since she knows that her schedule cannot accommodate what they need at that level.


(2)The Dance Barn in Stanardsville, VA - this is a new school that just opened last year. The director pays attention to detail and her students look great for only having a year of ballet! She is very supportive and creates a great environment to learn in. The other ballet teacher there was trained at Ballet Chicago, SAB, Miami City ballet and was in the Richmond Ballet; she also offers a great environment and concentrates on good technique.


These are both close to Charlottesville (with 30 minutes or so).

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Thanks for posting this. We actually just found out about Albemarle Ballet Theater a few months ago when trying to find one of DS' old dance teachers. Ms. Hart was his teacher for maybe a year or so (at a local studio near us) and we credit her with keeping him going in those tough early middle-school years. She made connections with him using kindness rather than criticism, a technique I wish we had encountered more often in ballet these past 10 year! You're very lucky to have found her! I know we will always think very, very highly of her.

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I agree that Mrs. Hart is extremely kind and helps kids through not only dance but any issues in their life as well. I moved away this year and she has written multiple times, asking if I need anything. I was going through a rough time and she helped me through :) She not only offers great training, but is an extremely kind person who really cares about the children :)

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I hope it is ok to open a topic, another does not exist. Charlottesville Ballet in VA has a professional company, trainee program and school. It exists in the pantheon of job possibilities for DH, so I thought I would ask if anyone has direct experience there.


I see the upper levels have partnering- is there a strong boys program, or do they use trainee and company men? Are there any open/morning classes that can boost the hours available? I am assuming rehearsals aren't accounted for so the actual hours at upper levels are a bit more than what is shown?



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You are navigating the website much better than I. Where are you finding concrete information as I have only been able to find statements of existence yet no list of "twelve dancers" from across the globe.


It seems to be a young organization that is trying to make a go of it and slowly developing itself into the professional world. At this point it looks like a student company with one paid dancer event.


I wish them the best Charlottesville is a very nice town.

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Interesting! I didn't spend much time clicking around past the schedule, certainly not enough to see the company menu is blank. I wondered why I couldn't find a topic for it, but I guess that is why!


Chances are we would stay in our area and dh would commute to Cville, I'm not a real rural kind of gal. But if that job does come to pass we will go visit the school and report back in case anyone wants info from a visit.

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The last comment on this thread is from about four years ago. Hence, I am asking for any input on good ballet schools in Virginia.

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My daughter receives excellent training in a very nurturing environment at Charlottesville Ballet Academy. Very talented company, excellent instruction for student dancers.

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