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Music Editing for competition?


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I have a macintosh, and I would like to have a possibly free music editing program to cut my music for my ballet competition.

Do you know/recommend any programs?



Feel free to move this post, not reallly sure where it goes.

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Hey!! :unsure:

When my teacher needs to cut music for any shows or whatever, she transfers the music from the CD to a mini disc via a mini disc player, and then apparantly on all mini disc players there is a button for cutting music in certain places and then cutting back in when you want to... sorry if this makes no sense :blushing: basically what you do is play the music, and then when you want to cut it you press the button... and then when you want to cut back in (if you want to!!) you press it again.....

But I realise this isn't on computter so if you only have the music as an mp3 on your computer I'm not sure what you'd do...maybe you could transfer it to a cd then try it... :D ... but you'd have to buy mini discs and a player...

Sorry I can't be much more help, this is the only way I've ever known my teacher to do it!!

Good Luck in your competition- and with your music!!!!


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I hope it's alright for me to post here since I'm 19...if not, feel free to delete.


If you have a Mac, you probably also have a program called Garage Band which is wonderful for cutting and editing music. I've been using it for quite some time with very good success. It's not the most intuitive of programs but with some clicking around and fearlessness, you should be able to figure it out. Feel free to PM me with any questions.

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