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Some advise please

Erin B.

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I'm currently 17 but in August I'll be 18 (for new dance year). I've always loved ballet and I did it for 8 years. I had to stop because of family issues and school. And now I feel that I would love to start back up.


I've thought about joining Central Florida Ballet. My only thing is at the last school I was at I never moved up in classes. That's another reason why I stopped. 8 years in the same class wasn't helping me progress. Although I stopped ballet, I've been doing Irish dance for 3 years now. I feel as though I can't do it anymore because it's so hard on my body and I've have alot of injuries because of it.


So, I just would like some advise on if I should "restart" my ballet career.




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Hello Erin, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :lol:


It's never too late to start ballet, or start back in ballet, if that is what you love to do. Whether it can become a career or not would depend on many, many things, but, you won't know unless you start back and try. There are many reasons for studying ballet, and one does not have to aim for a professional career just because they study on a serious level.

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I think Ballet will always be in my heart so I think I will to continue. I've always wanted to do Pointe but as I said I was never able to progress in technique. My teachers always told me that I have the ankles (strong even without dance), the arch, and feet to do Pointe.


And I've thought about doing dance professionally. Not just ballet but jazz and tap too.


Thanks for advise!!!!


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