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Ballet Talk for Dancers

Poem for a wonderful teacher

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Recently one of my fellow adult students hosted a function to celebrate a significant birthday for our wonderful teacher. I thought some of you might be interested in a poem I wrote for the occasion. It's an irreverent but genuine attempt to convey some of what our teacher, and many others like her, have given us. I hope you enjoy it.






What Heather’s teaching means to us

Is difficult to say

We each get different things from her

In many varied ways


For some, our aim is exercise

To help us keep our figure

Without the physicality

We’d be two sizes bigger!


For others, it’s a great escape

From daily toil and woes

To concentrate on nothing else

But staying on our toes


And then there’s those who dream of being

Back in an earlier phase

When we were young, and slim and lithe

Ah yes, those were the days!


Although my Lilac Fairy is

Now menopausal mauve

Though swan has turned to waddling duck

Ballet’s my treasure trove


What else can feed my soul like dance?

That question is rhetorical

For at the end of every class

I go home quite euphorical


And Heather is the arbiter

Of everything balletic

Despite our efforts being more

Pedestrian than athletic


With cheerful wit, she leads us through

Her tricky combinations

Encouraging with awful puns

And thoughtful exhortations


Her system of rewards needs work

It’s often been suggested

Dance well or poor – it matters not

Repeats will be requested!


Some purists think to teach adults

Is more or less heretical

Yet Heather perseveres to make

Our dancing more aesthetical


So on this day that we’re together

Let us take the chance

To wish you “Happy birthday, Heather –

Thanks for your gift of dance!”

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When I read the introduction to this post I first thought "Oh no...." because I remember from my parents' wedding anniversary and such events, how AWFUL poems and songs for those occasions can be... But I was amazed: this one is AWESOME RobynC! Very witty and smart! :D

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