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Hello I'm new here.....and also relatively new to ballet. I am 25 and started taking ballet for the first time last summer. I've been taking one class a week for almost a year and this month I just increased to two classes a week.


My first love is figure skating.... I am have been skating recreationally off-and-on for about 10 years. But ballet now comes in a very close second place. Unfortunately, I have started way too late to be a professional performer (as is pretty much the case with skating as well). But ballet is a great workout and stress reliever.


I am definitely looking forward to learning more. :dry:

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Welcome to the Forums, Sk8trgrl! I love ice skating, too. In fact, we've put a backyard rink in our yard for two winters now just so I could practice my one foot spins and threes and mohawks, terms I'm sure you're familiar with. I thought the kids would get into it but they don't like the cold so much. (Wimps!) The one thing I noticed that was so different from ballet, except the straight ahead position of the supporting leg, you don't have to learn to spin from both directions. My instructor thought it so odd that I insisted on learning to turn coming from the left and the right. I did find that I could spin better on my right foot going en dedan than on the left, totally opposite than in ballet.


Anyways, welcome to the Ballet Talk Forums.

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