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Middle Splits...


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Heey :D

I have a question I am asking on behalf of a friend at school...

If you don't have flat turnout, is it possible to do a flat middle split?

She asked me because I can do a flat middle split, but I'm like the only person in my class who can... :blushing: but I couldn't answer her question because I don't know, because my turnout is basically flat... Not trying to be big headed, just explaining why I couldn't answer her question!! :D I just worried I may have sounded big headed then!!!

D'you think you can help? :shrug:

And she wants to know some good excercises for improving middle splits... She would ask herself, but her parents won't let her use forums...

Thanks!!! :shrug:

LBDxXx :unsure:

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Sure, you can do that kind of a split without turnout. Problem is, that won't do you any good in ballet. Gymnasts do that all the time on balance beam.


If you want to do a straddle split (another name for them), practice doing them, at least as much as you can. AFTER YOU ARE WELL-WARMED-UP, sit on the floor with your legs in front of you, feet stretched and pointed, legs well-pulled-up through the knees. Spread your legs wide apart toward the sides as far as you can. Check your thigh rotation in the hips and the squareness of the hips. Don't go all swaybacked on it. When you've sat in that position for a little while, just try to spread the legs a bit farther apart. I'll bet that you can. Once you've rested in that position for awhile, try a bit more. When you can't inch it forward any more, place your hands on the floor behind you and push your hips and torso forward, still being careful not to let the legs turn in or the hips tip. Just keep practicing this inching forward, and you'll probably develop a pretty good center split. And if not, no sin, no crime, no scenes. Just get as good a stretch as you can! :unsure:

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I'll pass this on to her!!!

Just one question- why are,'t they any use in ballet? Wouldn't they stretch the muscles needed for turnout? :shrug: Just wondered!!!

LBDxXx :unsure:

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Done the way I described them, they ARE good for ballet. The balance beam ones are done without turnout and you rest on the insides of your thighs, stretching turn-IN.

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Ohhh, I see now!!!

Sorry, I thought you meant the ones YOU explained weren't good for ballet... my bad :shrug:

If you do the type where you are lying on your front with your thighs touching the floor in a middle split, are they the ones that you mean are stretching turn in... and would these make your turnout worse? I'm a bit confused!!!! :D

Sorry for all the questions!! :D

LBDxXx :unsure:

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No, it's all right, it's just that if your friend is having trouble doing them sitting up, she certainly won't be able to do the ones lying down.

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Oh, right, I see now...

Sorry, I'm a bit blonde at times!!! :shrug:

Though I'm actually a brunette... :D I was blonde when I was younger, but my hair got darker as I git older!!

Sorry for my hair life story!!

Thanks Mr Johnson, I'll copy and paste this all into a word document to give to her... except my hair life story, obviously, I'm not sure she's interested!! :unsure:


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