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Yummy new tights


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I just got a pair of supplex tights by Body Wrap. I only just found out recently that I have a few choices of tights to fit me besides Danskin and I ordered a few pair of tights to try. I'd been browsing size charts.


These new supplex ones are about the softest things I ever felt and they are practically as supportive as support hose on my legs. My favorite part is that there is no strain on them for leg length and I have a 36 inch inseam. One odd bit; I was about in the middle of the weight range for 6 foot tall and the waistband still comes up to under my bra line like tights always did when I was a high school or college student. Now that is just fine if the legs feel as good as these do.


Did I mention these things feel wonderful on?


I feel like I am making a commercial for free but I had to share.


I feel the need to cut the feet in my Danskin ones because I have them strained to the limit and they cramp my toes a bit. I guess I am done with them now; buying any more that is. They do hold up well, even when cut.


I also fit into some transition tights by Capezio, but they have a tight waist area. I plan to work my way towards comfort in them between now and Dance camp.


The jury is still out on one other pair yet to arrive.



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Laschwen, you are freaking hilarious.


Oh, and I have these tights and they are terrific aren't they! Did you get the convertible ones like you were talking about? It took me a few weeks to adjust to that feeling, but these are nice and soft so it wasn't bad and the hole was stretchy yet reinforced so they were easy to wear.


I actually went to the dance wear store looking for Danskin tights but they didn't carry any. The lady said the Bodywrappers were the most similar. I too love that they come up to my bra and that they're soft yet thick and supportive. The "tall" size is hard to find though (I'm not so tall but I am heavy).

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The "tall" size is hard to find though (I'm not so tall but I am heavy).




I didn't see a Tall size per-se in the body wrapper tights. I got a plus size (3X I think) that goes up to very tall.

The transition tights I found are Capezio XXL but not the Hold and stretch nylon/lycra. Those don't fit these days. They are nice but not as soft.




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Oh my gosh then you didn't get convertible foot bodywrappers then, did you? The footed ones are the only ones I ever saw in plus size. Now I'll have to go dig you up a link. You NEED these. My guess is you will like them even more than what you have (at least, I do). The bodywrappers sizes for the convertible foot are S,M,L,Tall or some such. I enjoy my convertible foot even if I just use the convertible to wear my thong sandals to the studio.


Ok I found them at Back Bay. http://site.mawebcenters.com/backbaydancew...tml?catId=36542

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I like Bloch! I'm in love with my soft good looking bloch tights.

For black solid tights, I order Supplex tights from One Step Ahead, the softest, most wonderful tights ever.

One Step Ahead is a great brand.


I've a somewhat off-topic question though, one of my tights is full-footed and non-convertible.. if I cut off the foot, how do I stop the edges from running/fraying?

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I've had the same experience with the Capezio supplex vs. hold-and-stretch. I really like the supplex tights, maybe I'll try the Body Wrappers after this commercial endorsement, and I'm not even 6' tall.


Once you cut off the feet, you can keep the edges from fraying by running it through a candle flame. You want the edges to melt just a bit, then reseal to form a bead around the cut. Just be careful you don't set the tights on fire. This technique works well for many things involving nylon. problem with tights is, once you've sealed the edges this way, the edge can be scratchy, and can actually cause scratches on your legs. :-( But I know of no better way.

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Laschwen, I have been inspired by this post and ordered myself two pairs of the Body Wrappers- theatrical pink and black. I too am 6' tall... I ordered the L size though, based on the body measurements (for most dance wear I come up a M but need the length). Fingers crossed that they fit!

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Thanks Citibob, I did try to make them convertible tights by cutting tiny holes in the feet and passing a flame over the holes, but it's not comfy. I may just have to buy new ones.


I do have those supplex bodywrappers, which I got from discount dance a few weeks ago, and I didn't like them as much :/ The bodywrappers tights I had from several years ago is much better, imo. Though I still think the Blochs are softer.


The softest non-pink tights I love are One Step Ahead's ankle tights. Made of Supplex and Lycra.. I get them in black, and wear them when I'm not feeling skinny :-P



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Oh. I've made footless tights that way, but never convertible. I agree, it's kind of non-comfy. I think that back in the old days, there was an art to making convertible tights, but it may have been lost now that they're manufactured. Maybe someone else knows how.


Other ways I've found to seal a seam include the right kind of hand-sewing stitch, as well as scotch tape. I've only used scotch tape to seal the ends of pointe shoe ribbons, but it might work under the feet as well. I've used medical tape too, usually to keep a hole in the toe area from running until I can address the problem with needle and thread.

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I see a lot of convertible or footless tight fans here. The overwhelming majority of adult ballet students I dance with wear one or the other.


But don't you feel your feet sticking to your shoes? When I wear convertibles, that's how the middle portion of my soles feel.

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I saw a fabric sealer in Michael's Craft Store. It's some kind of fluid thing which stops fraying. I didn't notice the name of it, but I'm sure if you went in there and asked, they would know what it was. It was a clear liquid, and I imagined it was probably something like nail polish? I know nothing about it, but I suppose it's worth checking out.

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I think clear nail polish is the single best thing to make tights convertable. Way back when I was a young teen and there weren't ready-made conv. tights on the market, we all slit the bottom of the foot and then carefully painted nail varnish on - be sure to do the ends of the slit (vertical slit along the bottom) first, and then paint around. Girls even used coloured varnish if they were in a bind! The trick is to make sure the foot of the tight is actually on your feet when you do this, and as they dry! They are a bit rough before washing, but after washing, no problems.


Agnes, I usually don't wear tights in my ballet slippers - so! Yes, I guess my feet do 'stick', but for me it's not uncomfortable nor does it feel 'sticky'.

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thanks for the info ami1436.


I prefer convertibles or footless.. don't have problems with sticky feet. I like to be able to access my toes for pointe.

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If you are so skilled, you can apparently darn around your once footed now footless/convertible tights. I am not so skilled.


Pirou, the stuff you found is likely Fray Check. I think it IS similar to nail polish but somewhat more flexible.


Agnes, it took me several classes before I adjusted to my convertible tights. My feet still feel kind of funny, but I'm used to it now. Maybe having canvass shoes helps? I am uncomfortable with nothing on my feet. Footless tights with white socks were very popular when I was in grade school. I guess I got used to having something on my feet.

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Oh my gosh then you didn't get convertible foot bodywrappers then, did you? The footed ones are the only ones I ever saw in plus size. Now I'll have to go dig you up a link. You NEED these. My guess is you will like them even more than what you have (at least, I do). The bodywrappers sizes for the convertible foot are S,M,L,Tall or some such.



I got the Body Wrappers plus tights from Rivers Edge Dance wear. They are the footed ones. I didn't see convertible ones in Plus.

I remember cutting the feet of tights in high school to make convertible tights. The trouble I had was getting the toes of the tights to stretch back over mine once the tension had been realeased by the cutting. I had the length maxed out. I don't remember what we did to keep the tights from running after that. It was most likely nail polish and some stitching.

I think I could do the cutting with these more successfully, but why now that I can get the capezio convertibles?


I haven't seen a bloch tight listed anywhere that would likely fit me, but I am OK with that now.



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