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Music: Ballet on iTunes

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I am just browsing ballet music (classes) on iTunes and can't decide!


Any recommendations/favorites?


Thanks a lot in advance :)

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Solo, by Stephen Mitchell; Both Sides, by Kellogg and Boos; Behind the Barre Volume III, V, VI, by Judy Rice. I also like the David Howard at Covent Garden, and Return to Covent Garden, with music also by Stephen Mtichell.

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Don't know if it is available on iTunes, but another big fan of Steven Mitchell- A Trip to Italy with piano and violin is one of my favorites to use in class, and I never get bored with it.

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Oh yes, tangerinetwist, I forgot that one. Definitely one of the best! :thumbsup:

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Most of the music suggestions listed in various threads (including this one) are not found on iTunes. My computer does not have a CD-rom Drive so I have to download my music off of iTunes. I was wondering if anyone is familiar with the Cd's that are available through Apple-Lisa Harris, Aly Tejas, Ferdy Tumakaka, Don Caron, Lynn Stanford are some of the pianists on there. Thanks!

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Ballet Goes Pop. I just discovered this CD on Itunes and it is so much fun! There's a slow and fast version of each track which is useful too. I hope they make more CD's in this series!

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