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Dd will be touring/interviewing with Sarah Lawrence this summer, so will be sure to post a report here later on!


Sarah Lawrence does offer an array of dance classes taught by its dance faculty, but it's definitely is more modern, post-modern based. Here's what the dance director stated in reply to my questions:


"The dance program at the college is rigorous, and focused primarily on the integration of creative, technical and analytic studies in dance. Although we do offer three levels of ballet studies the majority of our practice classes are in contemporary modern and post modern dance styles. If XX is interested in exploring the diversity of the art form Sarah Lawrence may be a good fit. You may have gathered from our website, or other materials, that there are no majors in any subject at Sarah Lawrence, and admission to the college is through academic application, i.e., we do not audition students in the performing or visual arts."


I should state that SLC is more of a progressive, liberal arts college where classes are small seminars limited to 15 students and students are assigned a faculty "don" who serves as the student’s academic and personal adviser throughout the undergraduate years. (Sarah Lawrence does not accept SATs as part of the application, tho' the application process is still pretty rigorouos.)



Dd visited the campus just recently, but unfortunately the college and its admissions office was closed for the rest of the summer and we did not get a chance to speak with anyone on campus. Campus is lovely, but smaller than others we've visited (about 45 acres). But the dorm housing is unique - a series of mansions and houses converted into dorm housing - definitely doesn't have that "institutional" long-hallway feel. No other info to offer on SLC other than what's posted here and on SLC's website.

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My DD is looking at Sarah Lawrence College as a possibility for next fall. Did you have the opportunity to observe ballet classes there? If so, what is your impression? My DD is graduating from a residency program this spring, but wishes to attend a small liberal arts college as a non-dance major and still take high quality ballet classes.

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We visited in August when classes were not in session, and did not get a chance to observe any classes, dance or otherwise.


But IMHO, because Sarah Lawrence is only about a 15 minute Metro ride into mid-town Manhattan (it's next-door in Bronxville), I would not base your assessment of SL on how good are their ballet/dance classes bec. it's probably just as easy to take the subway into Manhattan and take class at any number of places like Steps (should SL not offer the level of ballet classes your dd is looking for).

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Does anyone know what type of ballet technique is the norm at SLC? I've deferred for a year to keep training and my current school is very, very Balanchine — not sure how that would be received at the college.

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Note that Sarah Lawrence is very close to the city (only about a 30 min subway ride into mid-town Manhattan), and taking ballet classes at Steps or other studios in the city is easy to do and is probably going to be your best bet if you are seeking top-quality ballet classes.

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I've considered this, and I will definitely be taking any opportunity for open classes I can get, but I am still wondering what the classes are like at the school itself. Timing is a consideration, too — I will be heavily involved in academic subjects if I do attend Sarah Lawrence, and given its famously intense workload, I'd like to be informed about other options.

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Just wondering if anyone has any updated information on Sarah Lawrence, particularly from parents/dancers who have attended.  Would especially love to hear from dance majors.

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