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I am starting a health kick and about to take up dancing, tennis and Ice skating again.


Monday = Ballet at Sutton

Tuesday = Tennis

Wednesday = Ballroom/Latin at Richmond

Thursday = Ice Skating

Friday =

Saturday = ... at Pineapple.


I'm unsure what classes to take at Pineapple - (1) Jazz, Hip Hop, Jazz or (2)Jazz, Ballet, Ballet, Jazz. I suppose that (2) would be best but Hip Hop is fun. With (2) I'd have 1/2hr between the 2nd & 3rd classes but thats all. Maybe 4 classes a day is too much and I should drop the 1st Jazz class.

Friday there are no classes I can take.


I'm not the biggest fan of these places (pineapple, danceworks etc) as they are crowded but I can't really find any other studios.


Is there anywhere else people can think of for me to go? I'm going in as a beginner again.

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I'm moving this to the Buddy Board, as you may get a wider range of answers there.

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I would pick one thing and do it 5 days per week. The schedule you outline above will certainly get you moving and increasing in general fitness. But you may find it difficult to make much progress doing so many things just once a week.

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May I possibly suggest starting slowly... I returned to ballet at the age of 25 and felt like I was going to die the day after my first class, and I am a fit woman! Other than that, take whatever class you enjoy... it sounds as though your goal is to get fit and healthy and enjoy dancing along with other activities, so if you like the sound of hip hop, why not? There isn't any reason you can't change the class in the future!


Hope it goes well for you, good luck!

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dq2008, I am with citibob. I would pick one or two classes that complement each other and alternate these....like ballet and pilates (or yoga) or ballet and strength (weight) training.


I applaud your new-found health kick, though I don't know that tennis and ballet go well as part of your overall program :) . It would be like me running and dancing ballet; the way these activities develop muscles run counter to each other. When I run, my quads and hamstrings bulk up and if I didn't have an excellent natural turn-out, running would probably develop a turn-in instead. So I made the 'hard' decision to give up running altogether in favor of ballet and weight training. In so doing, I was able to resculpt my muscles from runner/weight lifter type to dancer type.


I don't know...I think that ultimately, it's different for adults, because our dance is more for the joy, the social interaction, and health benefits it brings rather than professsional opportunities. And since you are going in as a beginner again, then maybe ballet and ballroom could work for you. Ballet can only enhance your carriage in ballroom dance :lol:

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Well I've decided to do one ballet and one Jazz on a Saturday at Pineapple alone with the other activities.


This is more of a hobby than looking for a career so I don't want to stop tennis or skating but I will drop tennis if needs be.


citibob - I wish I could do 1 thing 5 times a week but there aren't the classes available.


EDIT: I may drop Pineapple and go to Marylebone Dance Studio on a Friday.


Monday = Ballet (up front fee for year long course, starts September)

Tuesday = Tennis (6 wks each course, starts June)

Wednesday = Ballroom (up front fee for year long course, starts September)

Thursday = Ice Skating (6 wks each course, starts June)

Friday = Ballet (open class)

Saturday =

Sunday =


I may even go to the Islington Arts Factory on a Thursday for Ballet & Jazz and then take Ice skating at the weekends.

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Well , there's a class at Pineapple I personnally very much enjoy, and I try to attend each time I come to London ; It's at 4 pm and it's called Ballet Body Conditioning : it's actually more like a jazz warm up, quite fast paced, but quite fun too, and you work out with every inch of your body - or should I say every bone ?

you don't need to know ballet or jazz too ...!

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