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Any..excercise..suggestions..would..be..very..much..appreciated :)

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First exercise to do is get that new keyboard! It looks like you've got Tourette's Syndrome and all the ellipses (...) leave out the swearwords!


Secondly, the old reliables come out when it comes to ankles: Relevés, elevés, tendus, battements dégagés, pas de cheval, and a really good position sur le cou de pied!

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You might also try writing the alphabet with your toes, that one helped me a lot!! :D

Another good one is to use a theraband, hook it over you foot and stretch it, then try and point, flex, wing, and sickle your feet against the resistance of the band...

These are the two I did the most, I can't think of any others right now!! :lol:

Hope this helps!!!

LBDxXx :)

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Knock Knock, Can I post a reply? I read a lot in this forum because my daughter is young. I thought this information might be helpful.

Our ballet school just brought in a podiatrist to talk to our dancers and parents about foot health. He brought an "Ankle Disc" which you can find at sports authority. He took a dancer to the barre and had her place the ball of her foot in the center. When your foot is down you will stretch your achilles tendon and the back of your leg. Then he had her releve on it and since you are releveing basically on a ball, your ankle has to work overtime to stay straight, that is why you have to do it at the barre. But before starting any kind of excercise like this you should speak to your instructor, since I am not a dancer and I am just repeating an excercise I was shown.

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We used to do the same sort of thing, but with a tennis ball. :)

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For me, simple rises and releves helped me most in strengthening my ankles :cool2:

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Therabands are merely a proprietary name for a product generically called "resistance therapy bands." They are strips of elastic of varying strength, to be used by people in need of range/flexibility/strength training in isolated muscle groups. You buy it by length at surgical supply stores.

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If you buy them at a dance store, you will probably get proprietary resistance bands in a pre-cut length. Buy them at the surgical supply, and you will get generics and just the length and strength you need, and they will cost less.

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