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On Saturday, baby got her first ballet class (5 mo old). A friend watched her during barre, but I brought her into the studio to watch from the sidelines for centre. I kept being distracted by her of course, keeping her fed and happy and all that. And I stayed close to her because I figured she'd want to watch me the whole time (people say she did; but I can't dance while looking sideways). All in all, I'd say baby did really well; and of course she needs to get used to ballet from an early age. I was afraid I was distracting the teacher with her presence (kept seeing the teacher glance to the side, more than any of the students). But all in all, I was the one most distracted --- I could NEVER have learned to dance this way, always sitting by the side while the teacher explains each combination! I suppose it worked fine, and the teacher said she's welcome any time.


OK, tomorrow we go to "Baby Yoga." I'm dubious, but at least she's explicitly welcome. So we will see...

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Citi, I would ask permission from the teacher of course. And be prepared to remove the child if she makes a racket. I once took a class with a baby in a carrier, he was amazed at the class! I was terrified I or someone else would step on him during a movement.


Studios can be very noisy, musically, and a baby's ears can be delicate.


I once saw a Dancing mom stretch her childs legs as an infant, gently of course. The kid now has incredible extension.


Congrats on the baby!

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Babies are so cool! :))


citibob: "kept seeing the teacher glance to the side, more than any of the students".


- Oh, that would have been me, too! I love babies, and if one were in class, I would find it hard to concentrate fully on the students. :lol:


(but, I suppose I could get used to it...)



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We have babies all the time in class, and we all enjoy it, including the teacher! Wait till your baby starts responding to some types of music more than others. Then you know whether she will be a jumper, a turner, or elegant at adagio!

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A girl in one of my classes always brings their children- one girl, maybe 2 years old and a little baby boy.

Noisy but always fun to watch!

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:angry: My baby is 30 now, and having been through adolescence and 10 years of Billy Madison, I like to celebrate the fact that he is now gainfully employed in New York City while I am free to sing and dance and live a peaceful life.


Young babies in strllers or playpens are adorable, but distracting. Toddlers are too young to be forced to sit quietly through a ballet class without distracting both students and the teacher, even if everyone tries to be polite and not say so.


They are also dangerous if not restrained. Try finding one between your feet on the downbeat of grande battement for a heart stopping experience.


Classes for Mom and Me are one thing, but girls, some of us have raised our kids and managed to not bring them to class. We make sacrifices when we have children- and I remember when I had a toddler, I really didn't have any other life at all besides taking care of him.


Not every adult in the class may share a mother's enthusiasm for their kids, however they do have an expectation of adult instruction in an adult setting.

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