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Knee Pains

Green Jelly Bean

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A few weeks ago, I began noticing that my knees were hurting while doing Plie excersizes. I talked to my pilate teacher, and apparently I was turning out from my knees, not my hip socket, causing my knees to bend in between my legs, and not over my toes. It has been around one month, and I have learned how to turn out the propper way. I have also been doing extra work on my knees during my pilate sessions. But my knees are still hurting. Has anyone else experienced this problem, and if so what can be done to correct it? When i talk to doctors, they always tell me to take time off it. I didn't dance during spring break, and I have been taking care to rest it. Is something wrong with my knees?

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My bet is that you probably need to work for some considerable time, more than a month, to undo years of being used to turning out the wrong way. And yes, taking time off is a good idea. You might want to consult an orthodpedist to see if there's any long-term structural damage in the joint. In the meantime, ice it when it starts to hurt.

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In addition, it would be a very good idea not to do grand pliés, except maybe in second position. And be very sure not to go too far down in second. Keep your derrière centered between your legs and don't go down far enough to let it get behind the legs. If they hurt when you jump or relevé, then don't do it. And, as dufay said, if it continues, see an orthopedic physician. Try to find one who has worked with dancers.

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