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Boy's Thong Briefs


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An online dancewear store (riversedgedancewear.com) recently started selling thong dance briefs in boy's sizes as well as men's. What do you think about boys wearing thong underwear? Would you buy them for your son if he wanted them?

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Racy connotations aside, I don't feel sexy when wearing thong-type underwear. I just feel uncomfortable. Sounds like a dancebelt to me. But many men in ballet I know like thongs because they're very concerned about how their buttocks look, and how the cheeks go together. Yawn.


I guess if my kid wanted to try it, I would let him, although that's absolutely not my style. But I would not buy it from Rivers Edge Dancewear, they have a terrible reputation.

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If the kid asks for a dance belt, cool with me. Just remind him when he complains about being sawed in half the hard way who asked for it! :)

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I am actually referring to something other than a dance belt. These thong briefs are not as thick as a dance belt and do not have the wide waistband. It looks like they could be used for every day underwear as well as athletic support for dance or other sports.

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The purpose of thong underwear is to prevent a panty line when wearing tight clothing. But beware the thong under a unitard... I once saw someone who was wearing such an outfit, and differences in sweat made the outline of her underwear clearly visible :-(

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IF the kid asks for them, no problem. But IF he complains afterward about being uncomfortable, THEN be ready with the "Hey, kid, tough noogies. You asked for them." But also be ready to provide remediation with a "brief type" substitute.

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Has anyone bought the men's thong dance brief from Bal Togs before? Are they comfortable? Does anyone have a preference for either cotton/lycra or nylon/lycra?

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In any case, I'd go for the higher cotton content, no matter who's the maker. It's less like wearing a baggie. Cotton breathes.

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Thanks to both of you for your comments. I think I will go with the cotton/lycra. They will probably have a softer feel to them and be more absorbent when sweating.

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I find the "Wear Moi" dance belts are the best fit for me and the most comfortable.



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