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Thank you very much for sharing your experience with the school! Would you be able to explain further about the final week in Melbourne?

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My daughters ballet teacher thinks she should audition for the Australian Ballet School interstate programme.

I was wondering if anyone knew where the Sydney auditions were held or is it different each year?


And if anyone had any more information on the audition process, numbers attending, etc that would be great.


I think it could be a fun experience for her as she loves ballet exams.


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There is some information on this thread about the ABS auditions, but why not contact tbe School itself about locations and dates? They'll be able to tell you better than us!

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The audition process is generally submitting photos and a fee, then invited students take a class in their age range. Numbers at the auditions for the last few years have been quite high in general - I think more than one class at some locations. To be totally honest from a teachers point of view, I feel the students that are accepted generally have very good natural facility, but also that special spark. The ABS has the luxury of being very picky! For ITP I think it is just a letter saying yes or no, they don't do a final week audition from memory. Acceptance on to ITP does not guarantee continuation through the ABS program by any stretch of the imagination. We have had students on it, then off, then on again, then repeating a year, then off, then accepted again, or on the ITP for many years, but then not taken into the fulltime program.....Who knows!


All that said, I would always encourage a student to go for the experience and the excitement of the process - it can always be a learning experience if nothing else :)

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Thanks Miss Persistent.

I have no idea if she wants to be a dancer, she is only young.

also no idea if she would get accepted, but doubt she would though her teacher thinks otherwise.

Nor whether we could commit if she did. (and I can't imagine ever being keen for her to join the full time program).


But as you said I thought it could be a fun and educating process for her to audition.


Was just wondering if anyone knew where the auditions were usually held (I know if I'm worried about where the auditions are, traveling to Melbourne is probably not something I will be keen on) as dates and places for 2016 haven't been released and I can't find information for previous years.

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Auditions are held in capital cities. I believe the Sydney auditon is held mid year (July) and it is held at unsw in randwick.

My daughter was selected for 2015 Itp and again for next year. She was given opportunities for classes in Sydney during the year, as well as personal visits to Melbourne for classes throughout the year and the week intensive during the sept holidays. You can be involved as much or as little as you like.

From my point of view all the girls picked had a very similar body type (but not all). Long legs and arms, and naturally very slim) body type. Audition is just the one class and they pick from that for Itp. They don't always pick the teachers favourites, and auditioning a few times before being selected is normal or auditioning many times and never being picked doesn't mean your child won't have a dancing career ! It feels like a bit of a lucky dip...lots of talented girls and a short opty to be noticed.

The Australian ballet school website contains up to date information about the Itp. Keep it bookmarked or call in the new year at the school and check for dates.

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Thank you very much 2fairygirls, just what I was asking.


Do you think it would be worth doing the audition just for the experience?

Or if you did get in just the Sydney class during the year?

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Yes, lots of girls audition, and it is supposed to be "fun". My daughter was only 8 at the audition and she found it scary / intense. But lots of other kids found it fun! I guess it just depends on how highly strung your child is. My dd came out quite stressed saying "they were all staring at me" lol! I assured her it was a good thing to be noticed !


Anyway, yes, as long as you do one thing through the year they tell you it is enough. The Sydney classes are attended by Lisa pavane as are all special intensive weeks. The best experience of for my daughter was a few days we went to Melbourne and attended the very small after school classes with amazing teachers and watching the full Timers and the company in the same rehearsal spaces.


Itp students arestrongly encouraged to go to Melbourne for the intensive week in September and if you can't go you have to explain why not. If you are unsure about your ability to commit then I wouldn't audition for experience, then not accept offer. I would simply wait until the child is 10 or 11 years old at the earliest when it starts getting more serious and you can gauge the child's interest better.

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Thank you so much 2fairygirls that is really helpful information.

Especially about the after school classes.

I will give it some thought.


She has another very intensive sport that makes additional commitments hard. But is also very committed to her ballet.

She will be 9 next year (so I guess that would count as a 10 year old for the year after entry. )


One last question - how many Sydney classes are there? I read it as one?

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In Sydney There is one offical itp only class (ballet, then stretch after). However There is also an open class day for anyone that almost every Itp I know attended. They then made an Itp only class specially for those students during the open class day.

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I do not know of any US students studying there, in fact I do not know of any overseas students at all - but it is possible.  The Australian Ballet School does accept video auditions for overseas students, but attendance at the program would require a student visa.  I would think the likelihood of any overseas graduate getting a job in the company is also on the slim side, as they would have to obtain a work visa - and as awful as it sounds not only are jobs as scarce as hens teeth in Australia, being granted a working visa over an Australian/NZ resident would be unusual (though not impossible! But highly unusual). 

There is information on overseas students and auditions on their website here https://www.australianballetschool.com.au/pages/auditions but in short this extract says a lot.

"Overseas Students

Overseas students enrolled in the Diploma of Dance (a two-year course), Advanced Diploma (a one-year course) or the Graduate Diploma of Classical Ballet (a one-year course) must leave Australia at the end of their course at the School, unless a further student visa has been successfully attained, and no later than the date stated on their student visas.

At the completion of Level 8, any offer of a contract to an overseas student by any Australian dance company is conditional on the appointment being approved by (a) the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (the union body of the dance industry) and (b) the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (who have to approve a work visa). In the past, few contracts with Australian dance companies have been approved for overseas graduates, with negotiations often taking at least 12 months after graduation."

There are very few overseas dancers in the AB, and most often are there as part of an exchange program.  My feeling is because the ABS is the feeder school for the AB, it would be unusual for them to take on someone whom they thought there was little prospect of employing in the future because of visa issues.  In recent years they seem to be taking fewer students at each level too - I know one year with only 8 students (4 girls, 4 boys).  So, not impossible - but the odds may be stacked against...

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Thanks, Miss Persistent.  We have actually gotten the info for submitting an audition DVD;  my daughter would like to go for it, knowing that the chances are slim.  But, it would be a great adventure, and maybe look good on a resume!

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Absolutely! If it's within your abilities to submit a DVD then why not, especially if you're looking at doing DVD's for other schools as well.  It's always a great learning experience even if nothing comes of it. Chookas! (That's Aussie for good luck :wink:)

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