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There is no such thing as "Russian feet" unless you are actually a Russian citizen 😉

Unfortunately, you are asking questions which are impossible to answer, as we can't see you, nor are we the selectors for the ABS. You could perhaps glean some information from pictures of current ABS students on their website. Your ballet teacher might also advise. Has s/he sent other pupils to the ABS? What is the general aim of your ballet school and where do pupils go after studying there? 

But really, the only way you will find the answers to your questions is from the ABS itself, via the auditioning process. Or you could attend one of the ABS Open Classes. The information is here:


You could also look at the Interstate Training Programme. Information here:


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Ok thank you very much for the information, I have considered taking classes by the ABS, its just the cost as I would have to get accommodation too since I live in Sydney!  Which my mother said no but, I'll just practise to the death in these six months😂😅 till the audition and hope for the best!!

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Lilly, it might be a good idea to start by looking through the forum topics under 'Pre-professional Schools/Residence Programs' or any of the forum topics under 'Summer Intensives'.  There are a myriad of schools worldwide that have intensives as this thread only pertains to the Australian Ballet School, so you would probably find more helpful info by having a look around and asking specific questions on forums related to the schools/intensives you are interested in :thumbsup:

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Lily, I believe you are mixing up your threads.

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Hi everyone, 

I was wondering if you audition for the ABS full time and you didn't get but wanted to audition again next year, is it alright to have your name on the system saying that you didn't get in? Would that maybe bring your possibilities of getting accepted down sine you didn't last year? I am debating if I should auditioning this year of next year, I am currently 15, next year I would be 16.

What do you guys think?

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Lily, we can't see you, so can't answer your question. Have you spoken with your teacher about this, and sought her/his advice? Have you done other things (such as an eisteddfod or similar competition) which will give you a sense of where you sit in terms of your age and achievement? Ballet exams are another way of assessing for yourself the standard you're at.

My experience of the ABS is now quite old (a couple of decades), but from what I saw of their assessments of dancers at age 15/16, was that they were looking at a mix of physical facility - turnout, feet, body proportions - and technical achievement. From what I observed both in auditions and regular ABS classes (of the first year of full-time study, so around 16/17) was that there was no single body type that was preferred. But things like turnout, and a sense of line i the body, and a well-proportioned body, were all required.

So my sense would be that at auditions auditioners are looking at what is in front of them. And also, think about it this way - there are 100s of young dancers auditioning in every audition season. Auditioners just do not have the brain space to remember individuals.

You seem very anxious to have all your questions answered about the Australian Ballet School, but we can't. There are so many variables, and only the teachers & administrators at theABS can tell you - and even then, they will probably answer that there are no certainties.

You probably need simply to audition, and see what happens next. But do this in conjunction with your home teacher's advice.

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Yes ok thank you very much, my teacher has said that the chances of me getting in is very slim, but she says I should do it because it will be a good experience for me. I think I am going to take your advice by doing the auditions this year, if I do get in, great, if I don't that's fine too, I will try again next year and like you said they can't remember individuals and there probably is no system, so they won't know me, but this time I will have improved and know what they are looking for. Thank you very much!!!

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Hi there, since this is about the Australian ballet school auditions, due to the corona virus going around do you think they will still hold auditions? or the national audition tour? I am wanting to audition this year but don't not what to do, they haven't said anything on there website about it being cancelled, but the dancers of the company are working from home. Do you think I would be better off if I just sent a video audition? Thanks for all your help :)

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When does the national tour usually take place? If they have not said anything yet about canceling, I would do my best to get to a live audition if at all possible. I believe the school starts it’s new year in Jan, so it seems a little early in the year for auditions to have started, but I could be wrong since I don’t live in Australia 😉 Have you tried calling the school and asking them what the likelihood of the tour being canceled may be? It might still be too early with too much unknown for them to make a call. 

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Ok thank you Fraildove, yes probably should give them a call, the national audition tour for Sydney which is where I live is happening on 5-8 of July so it only a couple months away!!!! 

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