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On 4/11/2020 at 11:24 AM, l i l y said:

Hi there, since this is about the Australian ballet school auditions, due to the corona virus going around do you think they will still hold auditions? or the national audition tour? I am wanting to audition this year but don't not what to do, they haven't said anything on there website about it being cancelled, but the dancers of the company are working from home. Do you think I would be better off if I just sent a video audition? Thanks for all your help :)

Lily, I can tell you have a great love of ballet and a big desire to audition, however you need to remember the situation we are all in and be realistic about what is happening in Australia at the moment.  Don't forget that all ballet schools are closed, all state borders are shut, and all groups of 2+ people are not allowed.  It does not look like any of these restrictions will be removed anytime soon at this stage.

Don't forget you are not alone and there are many students in the same situation as you so it is likely the ABS will release information on auditions at a later date.  If you are in great shape and want to do a video from home there is nothing stopping you, however it would be difficult to show a full class unless you have a full studio.  I know it is difficult to be patient but perhaps just keep yourself in shape in the meantime and sit tight for more information.  Schools and companies everywhere are doing the best they can and I'm sure there will be a way to audition given at some point.

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Thank you Miss Persistant. Sorry to hear Australia is under lockdown too. I knew Brisbane was lockdown and assumed others too, but was unsure it was the entire country. Be well. 👍💪😷

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