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tights from danskin?

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Hi, i´m wondering if somebody uses tights from danskin?

I want to buy a pair of ballet pink ones but i don´t know if the bikini line will be viewable in that color.

I´m very satisfied with their leotards i have been using them for a year and a half and it looks like new :unsure:

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Danskin makes both a mesh type ballet tights, and a nylon type. The nylon type is thinner and more see-through. I really like the Danskin 71 mesh pink tights.


However, if you are wearing bikini underwear beneath your tights, I am sure they will show, no matter what brand of tights you wear. Most dancers do not wear panties under tights and leotards. But if that's what makes you feel comfortable, then a strappy thong undergarment in a very lightweight material is likely to be much more discreet.

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I've had 2 pairs of Danskin style 212 pink tights that I've been wearing since I was a teen. They're the "compression" style. I've found them to be nice and thick although who knows if they still make them the same now. They're super hard to find these days though, and don't come in convertible foot. I've found Bodywrappers to be similar. My old Danskins have a really high rise, which used to be traditional but you may not like this. If not, look for specifically marked lower rise garments. I've never had a problem with bikini line with my tights. I try to keep moderately good hygiene or wear a skirt. In all honesty, it's doubtful anyone but you would notice anyway. Folks really don't "look."


Dancer5, 'bikini line' rarely refers to underpants.

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