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L' Allegro

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My teacher "auditioned" people for parts in our end-of-year recital. He gave us the material, split us into groups, and watched us do it several times. There were two short solos up for grabs.


I thought I had a shot at it.


Apparently not. I did NOT get a solo, incidentally I am in the back of a large group. (arranged by height- and I'm the 2nd tallest person in class)


I initially believed that the parts would go to the people my teacher uses every year- we'll call them Jane and Belinda. Then when he kept trying other people, I thought, oh, maybe this year someone else will get it. But, ah and alack, no, Jane and Belinda got them again.


I cried all the way home... not a very good thing to do when you're the one driving. Then I cried some more.


Technicality has nothing to do with it. I am comparable in ability- they have their problems, and I have mine. After my teacher handed out the parts, he mentioned that he was looking for people who 'didn't fit in' or were 'worried about their dancing' or 'not sure how they are as dancers'. I thought, oh, there goes my chance. Because I'm very confident.


But he didn't tell us that when we were auditioning! So I danced like myself-confidently- not with that feeling that he described later, AFTER we auditioned.


I'm sorry I keep rambling. Any thoughts? How do I deal with this? Why does he 'keep us hopeful' and then choose the same two people he chooses every year? I know life's not fair, but oh-!



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L'Allegro, it does seem unfair, but the only way to really know is to ask. Very nicely, of course. Ask your teacher for an evaluation of your work, and also what would make the difference in your getting solo versus corps roles. How many times has he given the same two the solos? Have there been any others?

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L'Allegro- I know the hurt feelings you are experiencing from a parent point of view. My daughter felt left out of the casting on many occasions at her former performance company. It often seemed like favoritism. So, she found an independent performance company. This program is not sponsered by a studio. They get students from many different studios. Although she still did not always get the roles she wanted or felt she deserved, she did feel that the casting was more objective. She still takes classes from her studio but does not perfom with them.


Good luck to you, hang in there and remember it is all a part of the "growing"process". (not that it is easy)

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