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Putting together my own little SI


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SI's or anything like it are an unknown thing in this country. However, lots of schools do short workshops. So I decided to put together my own SI. Not all workshops are known yet, unfortunately.


For now, I'll be taking a morning floor barre class and ballet class every day I won't have to work. Monday and Friday evening ballet class and a stretching class. Hopefully about 4 weekends of intensive jazz classes (those are not known yet). One week of daily pilates and either 3 weeks of daily ballet or 2 weeks ballet and 1 musical theatre week. Then maybe a week of both daily ballet and jazz. And perhaps one or two acting workshops of several days. You'll notice lots of maybe and perhaps, it will all depend on how much time I can get off from work (and how much money I can spend on this, which is not very much :innocent: ). I'd like to do it all, but that's not possible of course. But I want to come out of the summer as strong as possible, as there will be several musical theatre auditions then.


I'm already having so much fun, just planning it all :innocent::thumbsup: . It will involve a great deal of traveling, as the classes I want to take a all over Flanders.

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It sounds like you have a lot of options and I hope you'll be able to put something together that works for you, your time and your budget. :thumbsup: I had a few weeks last summer where I was able to take some extra classes and it was such fun! I'd love to work something like that out again this summer.

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