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Ballet Insoles?


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I wear generally upportive shoes during the day, but at night, during my ballet and jazz classes my feet ache with the lack of support in the flimsy shoes.


Is there any way I could fine insoles for ballet shoes or something of the like, that would bend and pointe still?



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I do not have experience with orthodics in a ballet class. One student did try to use them but found it uncomfortable and she eventually decided, with her doctor and PT that it was not the answer.

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You can get elastic arch supports to go under ballet shoes, they look kind of like wrist bands (but nicer...)

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I don't know what a walmart would be called in the UK, but you can find some like pointe200 mentioned in the foot pain, ace bandage, toe tape section. you can also some called FABS from Discount dance. My physical therapist recommended these to me because he did not want my arches to drop.


I hope I didn't break any rules. If I need to edit my post please let me know.

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