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I'm new here..


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Hi, just thought i would introduce myself. Its great to find a website that i can finally talk to other mums about ballet. My eldest daughter is now 4 and been going to weekly classes for just over a year.

She actually didnt express an interest in ballet, it was me that wanted her to go, it was just so nice to do all these 'girly' things, as i have 2 older sons as well. (13 and 16)

I dont know about anybody else but i really enjoy buying all the ballet stuff - skirt, shoes, etc..

I especially have an interest in pointe shoes myself, i usually buy them, either die them or decorate them and sell them on or - usually keep them (Husband thinks its mad lol) I just cant seem to get enough of pointe shoes, the house is full of them. I never went to a single ballet class when i was young even though i would have loved to, I think thats why i was so keen my daughter start, i just wanted to give her the opportunity to start young and then maybe when she is older she can progress.

Anyway 1 year on she is still going and she loves it. She is in a small play in our local theatre in july, we have to buy a little lilac tutu. -cant wait!! :blushing: Love to hear from other mums who love ballet and pointe shoes as much as me! :ermm:

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, linda-lou!


We're glad you found us. :thumbsup:

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Welcome! :yes: I have an 8-year-old daughter who started in a recreational pre-ballet class and moved into a ballet school just before turning five. She changed schools earlier this year and loves where she's at!

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