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I think the thread which started with whether or not the arm should be in front of, or behind the leg in grands battements, posed a *very* interesting topic for discussion.


Yes, it's true, The arm is in front :angry: . Always, unless the choreographer wants otherwise.


The interesting dilemma stems from following the directionality of one's own perceived rotational ability. If I followed my "own" natural position with knees directly over the toes in a series of glissade and I was in the second line of a tight corps formation, I'd eventually move in a diagonal line forward, until I knocked into the line in front of me!


I see this in open classes all the time. People will do a developpe in ecarte and the leg makes a terrible line, because it's flat to the audience. It's not ecarte. You can't even see the leg or body or anything. It's not attractive to just stick your leg up in any old direction. These things do NOT get corrected in most classes that adults take, in my experience.


I believe that citibob stated that in a high extension, some slight allowance forward need to be made so that the hip doesn't lift, etc. That's basic technique of course. I think his posts made a lot of sense. They're lengthy...but I think the concepts are *really* important, and actually quite basic ballet that's important to understand if you want to look good on stage, and approach your work in a productive way.


I think directionality and rotation are very confused and interchanged in adult open classes. People simply aren't given guidance in these points, and it's a very valid thing to discuss here, if people are interested. Otherwise, we're just talking about exercise and fitness, which are cool, but I'm not particularly passionate about discussing.


In ballet class I like to work on my ballet stuff. After class, I like to chat with people in a friendly, light-hearted way before going home to cook dinner, clean, do email, etc etc etc... In rehearsals I focus on learning the steps I have to perform. I'd like to geek out on the "finer points" of ballet here by reading ideas and jumping in when I have the energy to do so.


I don't understand why that thread was closed. It wasn't inflammatory, offensive, or a dead-end whatsoever. There was some good material to discuss there...

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Lampwick, the discussion in question is one that has been going on for centuries amongst ballet professionals. It is a good one and one that can be confusing to many. There is no one answer to the question. There are many ways to hold the arms and move the legs. A dancer/student is in training. There are different stages of development of training based upon age, physical aptitude and abilities (flexibility, ability to rotate the legs in the hip sockets), determination, coordination and method. Students/dancers are also confronted by a teacher who basically is the guiding light to growth within the classroom setting.


Differing methodologies have differing requirements and ways of doing things. This is one of those things that the ballet professionals agree politely to disagree. Direction of legs is often confused with turnout. The arm positions in different methods of teaching are different. No way is better than one. In the end good dancing is good dancing. Good dancers come from many different schools of teaching.


As Hans said clearly, the arm placement in 2nd position is in front of the leg in direction side, unless choreography requires otherwise. Question is answered. There are many threads on directions of legs and turn out in the Adult Forum. Perhaps it might be more appropriate to continue your observations in these growing forums?

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A reminder lampwick, that when a moderator handles a situation in the manner they feel is proper according to the board policies, what has been asked over and over again is that members either contact that moderator through pm or use the Contact Us link at the top of each page if they have questions about why it was done or if another solution can be made viable. Rather than to come on board to ask why a thread was closed.

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Treefrog--please see the post above where yours was. I made yours invisible because of the request I made before your post. The moderators will be able to see your post, but in the future please follow our requests as stated here:


Post #3

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My impression was that it had died. It was going in circles.

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Please see post # 3. :D


We have now asked 3 times that those of you who are having issues with our actions contact us via PM or the Contact a Moderator button. That is very clear.


I understand the wish to dissect things, but the particular topic was finished. If you wanted to start a new thread with a different question regarding the movement, any one of you could have done so, or any one of you could have privately asked us first. That would have been the better choice. I'm all for discussions- just not redundancy. :blushing:

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If you would like to start a new topic, please do. It would probably be best if the teachers leave it alone and let you all discuss it. :yes:

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Concur. Just reposition the starting topic slightly and you can delve ever deeper into it. Lawyers and debaters do this all the time. It's also why education seminars take a week to do what looks like a day's work.

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spinbug, please do start a new topic. That is what was stated all along. However in my experieince with studying, be it pedagogy or gardening, sometimes researching what has been "done" before can solidify thoughts and help to clarify ideas. Your reasons for being upset have been heard, however may I say that the classics of literature generally are read and re-read by generations for a reason.

Yes, we could go back and read all of those old posts,

There is value in things old and new. The volunteer Moderators and Administrators on BT4D have been incredible in encouraging growth within the moderating team and in the general membership. The website has grown tremendously in the 8 years I have been involved, at first as an anonymous member and after years of discussions and slowly learning more productive ways of using this wonderful website, I was graciously asked to be a Moderator.


As in the case in many rehearsal situations, whether one agrees or disagrees, when the ballet master makes a decision, all must comply and follow the direction so that order may prevail for the good of the ballet. Can you not just agree to disagree with our decision and move on? :yes:

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And, even if it had been discussed at one time, is it not okay to bring that subject up again? Yes, we could go back and read all of those old posts . . . . Why would we want to recycle old thoughts again when we could gather new ones? :yes:


The most comprehensive discussion would be to begin with the 'old discussion', review and consider them, then add your 'fresh' thoughts and continue to build and expand on the ideas. :thumbsup:


We still request that anyone who has a concern, disagreement, or are confused by a moderator's action on a thread (be it closing the thread or otherwise), please respect our request to use the PM feature to discuss the matter with us. If you just don't understand when or why to use that feature, please do PM us. :)

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It has been stated that a new thread can be started, it has been stated that concerns, disagreements and the like about how the moderators do their jobs are to come through Contact Us or PM to the moderators. Neither of those are hard requests to follow.


Since it appears that on board hashing of this out instead of following simple moderator requests outlined in italics here is what is really desired as a way to say But...., but...., but..., I'm closing this thread as well!


Please do start your new thread on the Homework question, but all continued board complaints not coming through the PM or Contact Us link past Post #3 will be made invisible as has those after Post #3.

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