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Improving Saut de Chats


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Hello again!


To Ms. DeVor, I have gotten the Grishko 2007...and they're just fine, thank you!


But staying on topic...we are doing sou de chats (is that how you spell it?) in class, and whenever I do, it can't reach anywhere near the splits...I can do a split on the left, and almost on the right. But is there anyway I can improve these so that it's a perfect 180 degree line when I do them?



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I think you are talking about 'saut de chat', Eternal. They are a form of grand jeté, but using a développé instead of a grand battement with the leading leg.


The key to making the line you are talking about is to get yourself up and over and moving forward enough to raise the back leg to the height of the front leg. If you développé too high with the front leg it will stop your forward momentum and you can't get the back leg up. Think of trying to get the back leg higher than the front leg. :)

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