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What age should partnering begin?

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It not nearly as much a matter of age as it is a matter of readiness. It is not something one needs to start particularly young, and most dancers only have one class a week, IF they are fortunate enough to be in a school where there are male dancers! Many dancers have very little experience in partnering prior to graduating from high school and moving to a professional school or a trainee position. The experience they do have is often just from their SI programs.

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Ms. Leigh what would your opinion be for a school with the following criteria: a school with very few boys and a boy in the same level with only 4 very talented girls.


The girls definitely want the partnering experience and the boy in their level seems up and ready for anything. Still no partnering. Sometimes the girls get to partner with much older boys only because the boys can lift them and cannot lift girls their own age.


When should there be a concern and other potential opportunities explored?

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Not sure I understand the problem, wannabe. There is no rush on partnering. Very young male dancers should not do lifting, but they could start learning to partner in things without lifts. I would not worry about it. Partnering can come much later than anything else.

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