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need suggestions


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Hi guys, im a 19 year old guy and ive always wanted to do ballet, why? i really dont know ive always had the urge too! I'm thin, well shaped and very flexible so i think i'd be perfect. but i'm thinking i'm too old to start and im wondering what will the other people be like, what will they think of me?


id really like some other peoples thoughts on this


ps. ive looked into lessons and as i work in london near liverpool st ive decided to get in touch with central school of ballet near farringdon, has anyone had any experience with these?


also what sort of equipment/clothing would i need to start off with, cant say ive got any experience at all with this so any helps appreciated

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Hi David, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers! It is wonderful that you are interested in starting classes; they are hard work but a lot of fun.


It is never too late to start dancing. You may not be able to become a professional ballet dancer, but if you have the right physique and training and put in a lot of effort, there is always at least a small possibility.


Unfortunately I do not have experience with schools in the UK, so I can't assist you there, but I believe London has a lot of good options for the adult beginner. You may want to ask on the Adult Students forum.


Depending on the school, it may be all right for you to wear whatever feels comfortable at first. Standard ballet attire for men is a dancebelt (which is a supportive undergarment), black tights, a white, form-fitting t-shirt or leotard (if a leotard, it should be worn over the dancebelt and under the tights) and black or white ballet shoes (if you choose white shoes, you should also wear thin white crew socks).


We have had some threads in the past about attire for male dancers, and there are more possibilities than the basics I have described above. There is a lot of information here, so please feel free to look around the forums and read through our Rules and Policies. We look forward to conversing with you. :yes:

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hey thanks for the input, i guess ill wait till ive had my first class and see whay they recomend. im not looking to become a professional i just want to do it to enjoy myself and maybe do the odd public dance (nothing big) ill repost in the adult students forum if thats ok?

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