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Ballets: Feld's At Midnight

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I hate to do that to people on their first post, but if we didn't, we'd be up to HERE in doing homework. You can search on Eliot Feld, ABT, the ballet's title, and even Gustav Mahler Lieder for results. "At Midnight" was one of Feld's first ballets, and created a lot of excitement at its premiere, as some people predicted that Feld was a successor to Jerome Robbins. Of course, he found his own way, distinctly different from Robbins, but that's show business.

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Trudy, you can respond to the actual post by hitting the Add Reply or Fast Reply button, at the bottom of the posts. You actually started a new thread to respond to the answer to your question on another thread.


Is your daughter a dancer? If so, would you please indicate that in your profile, where it says Interest in Ballet. You said "no", and therefore I'm not sure that you are the parent of a dancer, or whether you just came here because your daughter was randomly assigned homework about a ballet.

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