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RDA---Presence in the Northeast region

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I'm a relatively new poster on Ballet Talk, though I've benefitted enormously from reading for a while. I'm a mom of an almost 14 year old dancer. I've read about RDA and wondered if there will ever be a truly northeast presence. We live in Vermont and have no festivals up our way. Any suggestions or possible new developments? My daughter loves Ballet, prefers not to pursue ballet competitions, and may enjoy a festival and other opportunities to meet others and pursue SI scholarship oportunities on a large scale. She attends SIs and loves those. Thanks for any thoughts.

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There is a Northeast region which includes the New England states. But I looked at the membership and there is only one company from New England - Southern New Hampshire Youth Ballet in Bedford, NH.

Member companies host the annual festivals and most all choose to do so in or near their home base.


Also, dancers cannot as individuals participate in a RDA festival. They have to be dancers in an RDA member company. The Northeast region has been trying to boost its membership. I suggest you speak with your daughter's artistic director to see if becoming a member of RDA is a possibility.

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Thank you, Kathleen.


Can studios without an affiliated company join RDA?


Moderators, do you have any suggestions for dancers without bonafide pre-pro programs in their area for increasing instructional and exposure opportunities? What are your opinions on YAGP?


My DD loves her AD. She takes 6 technique classes per week, with pointe following(or embedded in) 4 of those. Unfortunately, due to the size of the studio, at this time of year, with a recital coming up, the classes do get blurred by rehearsals for some of the time. This frustrates my daughter, but not enough to want to go elsewhere at this point.


DD is not sure she wants to dance professionally. She loves to dance and can't imagine not taking classes and wants to develop as fully as possible without moving away. She enjoys summer intensives and always comes home from those very energized and hungry for more.


Any suggestions for a proposed curriculum, supplementation, festivals or competitions, etc. which coptimize sustained progress locally would be greatly appreciated. I realize I may be asking for the impossible....Thanks.

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Below are the requirements for joining the Pacific region; the Northeast may have slightly different requirements but the one that is constant throughout the entire National organization is the non-profit status.


You may be considered for Performing Membership in RDA/P if . . .


1) You are a Non-Profit Corporation for at least one year prior to application for membership.


2) You have at least eight members 13 years or older.


3) You have given at least two paid performances in the past year (distinct from your school recital or exhibitions or technique or promotional enterprises).


4) You have sent your Artistic Director or a representative from your artistic staff to at least one Festival sponsored by Regional Dance America.


5) You have liability insurance coverage that covers your company members during RDA/P Festivals and events.

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Kathleen - Could you be more specific about requirement #3? :D

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Thank you Kathleen,


It lookslike we're not quite ready for RDA because of the paid performance aspect. I appreciate your thoughtful response.

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The paid performance requirement:


It means that the organization puts on 2 different concerts where admission is charged. For my company, we do "Nutcracker" and then in the spring a rep concert.

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