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Pre-pro vs. open classes

Guest Chrysocolla

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We are looking for some open classes in Northern NJ during the month of August. Just looking for a few clasess to for our DD to stay in shape until Sept. Need flexibilty to schedule around vacations.

If, by chance, the classes you were going to take are located there, would you mind sharing the name of the studio.

If we can't find any, we are going to send our DD to a local fitness center for pilates.

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Guest Chrysocolla

Just a few more questions!


If I can find a class that is progressive and is based on the level of the dancers in the class, and if I can take pointe and maybe some variations classes there, then do you think that being a different age is a problem?


At the times when I'm not an intensive, there are limited classes at my studio, so open classes suit my schedule best, and can sometimes be more challenging or more fun than my usual classes. This is partly just because they are often taught in slightly different styles, or with a different focus. However, I am about 10 years younger than the average age for these classes. Do you think that this is a problem in any way?


Sorry Concerned Parent, I'm not from Northern NJ :cool2:

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Sorry! Exactly what Miss Leigh said- I was verifying her age because things seem to be different for younger children. It's too bad that there aren't more summer opportunities for dancers there. :)



Your best bet is to take pre-pro classes over the summer. :P We do not think that open classes of any kind will offer you the kind of training you will need if you wish to either major in dance at University, or become a professional dancer.

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For ifnotwhynot:-


I agree with you that it's frustrating that all the courses seem to be at the same time. I sent a student over for the RBS course and had a tough job trying to find another week afterwards to make it longer and fill up the holiday time.


Have you considered the Sussex Summer School for an extra week or two? I believe they accept from age 10. It's held in a boarding school in Sussex and the ballet tuition is really good - one of the teachers is an RAD examiner, very experienced. The atmosphere is more of a dancing holiday, which makes it perfect for the younger ones and it has a wide range of classes and activities. Barbara Fewster (who was senior teacher at RBS for many years and a very respected ballet icon) is the patron, so it's a good course. It has two weeks and you can do both or one. July 27th for a week and August 3rd for a week. I think it might be worthwhile your checking. This is the imternet site: http://www.sussexss.demon.co.uk/ .

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Thank you for this, Hamorah. The Sussex Summer School certainly looks worth considering for the future but my daughter is going to Tring during the first week and then we are going on holiday during the second. Typical!

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