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Uneven build up of trapezius muscle


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After coming back from school out of town I was watching my younger sister dance and I noticed that her shoulders looked very uneven. When I looked closer I noticed that her right trapezius is alot more developed and bulkier than her left, which is still more developed than it should be for a dancer. I have studied some anatomy and somatics and I believe her excess build up is because she is very tense in her upper body and lifts her shoulders slightly when she dances and I gather she isn't using her back properly during port de bras and instead is using her trapezius muscles. My question is how can she decrease the unevenness of overall bulkyness of her trapezius. She is 14 years old so I want to help her out before it becomes a big problem but I also dont know what else to tell her than show her how to hold her arm using her back more.

Any suggestions?

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Have you looked at her back? What you're describing is one of the things that tips teachers off to scoliosis. She may need the attention of the family doc, in order to determine the amount of asymmetry in her makeup. If it's not scoliosis, then something else may be going on. A general rule is: For every hypertrophied (big) muscle, there is a compensating stretch. First, get a diagnosis, though.

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