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Just curious about opinions...


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Hey guys! Sorry I disappeared....I haven't really been able to dance lately, which makes me incredibly sad, but that's a story for another post....


More importantly! SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!! SEASON FOUR! MAY 22nd!!! Oh, I'm excited! And was just curious as to your opinions on it......(Please don't completely tear it apart, though! It's seriously my favorite show....I ache with envy watching them dance! I LONG to dance like that! And the older I get, the harder it will be....)


Anyway....random post, I know....but I missed you guys! And wanted to start random conversation....

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Welcome back Irishprincess!


Well, I haven't watched that show, myself, though I'm very interested in doing so in the future. So, I can't give you my opinion about that particular show. Now, as to the latest trend in dancing shows in general I have some opinions on that and can see a real change because of their popularity of late. I think they're great! :D I think they have done a lot to show that the common adult can really enjoy dance as a form of excercise, as an artistic pursuit and a serious hobby. I'm not sure if the show you mentioned has much ballet in it but I imagine it still sheds some light on it, if not classical ballet then modern ballet. I've noticed that a lot more adults are interested in ballet and are wanting to learn more about it. I attribute that partly to the positive exposure it has gotten in the media recently.


Now, as to it's influence on the serious pre-professional ballet student, I'm not so sure since I don't have much exposure to that kind of situation. :shrug:


I'll have to look into the show you're mentioning. I'd like to see it.

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What channel is it?? when does it start? I want to watch it.


I just got a TV! Very exciting.. it's been a while since I had a TV.. and I just saw "Step it Up and Dance" for the first time, and it was fun! I saw last week's episode.

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Never seen that show either. I must not be watching the right channels lately. Someone point me in the right direction!


My kids did just get a Wii last week and they love to play Dance Dance Revolution. After playing it once or twice I have changed my attitude about my own dance aptitude. I have no idea what those steps are! I can't get past "beginner". "Basic" is even too difficult for me. I hide my head in shame. :D

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Step it up and dance is on Bravo. Here's the link.


It's a reality show where one dancer gets eliminated each time.

It was actually really fascinating.. but I don't know why anyone else who's not a dancer would be interested in it.


Last weekend they did a broadway bit, the dancers were taught choreography and expected to pick it up really quickly. And then their dancing was judged.. it was very interesting to see what the directors wanted.


And how dancers can be strong in some aspects (like technique) but not stylistically inappropriate (like not "manly" enough).


I played DDR before.. it's amazing body/eye coordination and pattern recognition.

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Tell you what, DDR is definately an awesome exercise tool. I'm now a standard player, most of the time, but I get tripped up frequently. The only time my dance training comes in handy, however, is during the jumps. My family laughs at me because I point my feet and land really softly, but my brothers land so hard it jars the entertainment center, so....HA!


SYTYCD is similar to "Step it Up and Dance", but, for me, it's a much higher entertainment value, and more rehearsed dances. I ADORE that show. Although they never have a ballet category, it's definitely a show to watch for technique and strict awesome. They do everything from broadway to hip hop to ballroom to lyrical.....so ridiculously awesome. (That, and the first three episodes weed out the wanna-be's....which is, sadly, myself. I will -never- be able to dance on that show)


And, since this is a dance board, I am seriously sad in my lack of dancing. I haven't even stretched. However, I find myself choreographing all the time! I volunteer at a high school, and only recently have they even begun to explore dance. So, at the moment, I'm finishing the choreography for "El Tango de Roxanne". Turned out better than I thought it would!

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Irishprincess, being a good choreographer is something to be very proud of. Do you know how hard it is to find a "good" one? All dancers and no choreography and we'd all just be hopping around on stage wondering what to do next. The imagery of that is quite funny, you know;hmmm... improvisational ballet! All the dancers would be vying for that front and center spot and someone would eventually fall into the orchestra pit. Sounds like a good Monty Python skit. :devil:

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I love So You Think You Can Dance... I swear it got me through the last days of my PhD! It helped that I've been a Danny Tidwell fan for a while.........


In any case, there are a few threads here on the show - have a search!

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Improv ballet....boy, the lifts would get disastrous!


Never said I was a good choreographer. *L* I'm a mediocre dancer at best. However, I did get past my first semi-professional musical theatre dance audition! Still can't believe I pulled that off.....

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Actually, Improv dance is a big thing.. I haven't done it, but I've met people who have and love it.


(disclaimer: I do theatre improv comedy, so I think anything improv is awesome. The ability to learn how to "Yes, and" your partner, going with the flow, accepting offers... so important in life as well.)


But anyways: Contact Improv dance.


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You do theatre improv??? Awesome! I love finding kindred souls. "Yes and" is one of my favorites....and one of the hardest things for my students to master!

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Not a dancer....just a wanna be....


I'm a "2 and a half" threat, I tell people. I got the acting, the singing.....and....some....dance.


But theatre people! Oh! I miss my theatre community from Michigan desperately. Moving to a new state....that doesn't do theatre in this area.....is difficult. I can drive an hour or more to find professional theatre, which is great......but it's nice to have stuff close to home.

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