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May Champagne

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I'm done with my shows after months of rehearsals. And now I can have a social life again! My friends have been wondering where I was, and I even missed a wedding.


We did a Broadway revue of things that were still performing on Broadway today (like Spamalot, Chorus Line, Chicago, etc). And it was a blast, and I loved watching in the wings when other folks were performing. My boyfriend was watching last night, and when I messed up, I would smile and crack up since I knew he was watching... but he didn't really notice my mistakes, just noticed that I smiled a lot ;-) and he got me flowers :)


In the middle of dancing Hot Honey Rag, I had a magical moment where I just loved dancing, and felt the pure joy of dancing on stage... It was great. It's the best when you're out of your head and just dancing for the pure love of it.

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My Champagne moment was Thursday night. I had just completed my 4th day in a row of ballet classes. The soreness was no bigger deal than if I'd been only twice. Somehow I felt my best starting a half hour into class each day and it lasted into most of the evening; until I sat down for an hour.

Next week I am going for 5 days in a row, and probably 3 water classes too. We shall see.

5 classes a week are available through the month.

Oh yeah, there was that second hands on correction I had hoped for too.

It was a big week.

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I think I'm out of my funk and am back to feeling good in class again. The encouragement I received here was helpful, as were the tips and suggestions. I took class three times last week and thoroughly enjoyed each one of them. :) It was a rough month or so there, but I think it's behind me now. And if it happens again, at least I'll know that with time it too shall pass.


My pirouettes are starting to come along too, which is nice.

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I did triple pirouettes yesterday so was quite pleased with myself as I'm not a natural turner at all.

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I managed to do quite a few solid doubles yesterday.


Only after class though, argh. Couldn't do them in the time that was needed, but I suppose it was after 1.5hrs of technique class and 1.5 pointe work / rep that my body really warmed up. I managed to do some solid doubles, both sides, finishing in retiré, still in relevé, which was such a nice feeling :lol:


And another champagne moment -- I got accepted to the RAD BA Ballet education course!! Woohoo!!!


Am just that one step closer to becoming a Ballet Teacher. Yay!



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I had some nice en dedans pirouettes in both directions last night, and in general my turns felt much more in control and smooth. Yea!


Fish - congrats to you!! What exciting news. :)

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It's not a big champagne, but I wanted to tell someone....


After a four month hiatus, I danced my first class tonight. It's not ballet, it's jazz, and it was private lessons. But I'm dancing again! It feels really good...and really clumsy.....


Slight whine, though.....I aggravated an old dance injury. (I can't believe I even -have- dance injuries!) The muscle in the back of my right thigh is now very sore.....

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Wheneveryone here is talking about pirouettes, I am also talk about pirouettes! Two weeks ago I started class again after three weeks break (holidays :rolleyes: ) and our teacher was very satisfied with our work in class after such a short time. In the center she asked us to do pirouettes with our hands placed on our waists. I really loved this exercise. No cheating with the arms possible and I could see it very well in the mirror when I started to wind up. We really had to turn with our torso muscles and the head. After all, I found that my main problem with pirouettes is caused by my arms. I can turn very well but I cannot land. I always stublem over my own feet or loose balance. With no arms I could land very softly and calm. When I turn with arms, my arms turn further than my body and I throw myself off balance. Now I know on what I have to work.

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My teacher says that I can start pointe work again! I stopped a few years ago because I wasn't making it to enough classes to maintain my strength & progress at all. I've been back in regular classes for over a year, and last night my teacher said that I could start pointe again. Yay!

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It's just a small moment.....not even worth champagne....we'll say.....have a beer moment!


I've been stretching again, and (this is going to take some explanation, but here goes!) when doing floor stretches, when my legs are in a "v" and my arms are "holding the beach ball" (as my toddlers used to say it), I can lean over my right leg and touch both arms all the way down my leg!!! My left leg, I can touch one arm! :yes:


This is so incredibly far from when I started dancing! I couldn't even sit in a "v" without my upper body falling backwards.....and now!!!


I'm getting flexible-ish! Weee! :cool2:

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Just a continuation of the former post.....still getting flexible-er! Today I was sitting on the floor in "v" shape, and leaned forward and managed to put my elbows on the ground and hold it!


I am uber pumped. :grinning:

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Given what you've told us about your back, irishprincess, that IS an achievement -- never mind the beer, try this sparkling elderflower drink (a traditional English early summer drink).

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