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Please Help me on Leo Sizing


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EDITED for SPECIFIC Answers...

I've tried searching the forums for info on the following.

I'll be in the same grade at least through the summer and need 1 more BURGUNDY leo.

Please help.

I've decided I can no longer be picky on material type - I really prefer Nylon/Lycra blend.

I am 5'8" with a longer torso (girth is over 63"...which is all my measuring tape goes up to and I have at least a 1" gap there between the ends), 34C and really want a camisole leo that fits and I don't have to tug, etc. Please Help me...

The MIRELLA FITTING CHART states for a large in their brand - the weight range is 130-145lbs - and I fit in this.

I honestly don't like wrap around or princess seams because of my size.


I have a few specific questions..

Just For Kix - Alexandra Collection Camisole Leotard AC-05

It doesn't state it has a shelf bra - A MUST - and I called CS and they couldn't tell me yes or no. Anyone had experience with this brand from JFK? I want nice quality - not see through, of course and must have that shelf bra... Any help on this is appreciated.



Gaynor Minden Criss-Cross Strap Leotard (or any Gaynor Minden Leo) GM-005

I heard this one rides down in the front...and I am just looking through catalogues right now. I know GM's site has a ton more. Anyone with longer torsos ever tried a GM?


Are there any other brands that state a different color name for Burgundy or Maroon?

I've looked at basics from Bloch and Mirella, also...


I currently have a Body Wrappers P502 in TALL - which I had to modify to make the bust smaller - and a Capezio TB150 Halter in XL.

I bought a TB1420 in XL and it's TOO short and I'm stuck with it.

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Ineluctability, I think if you do a search, you'll find a LOT of threads on sizing and different brands and models of leotards!

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Hopefully some people will be along to give you their recent & personal experiences of sizing. I think it's still the middle of the working day in the USA, so give it a few hours.


Meanwhile, here's a couple of threads to get you started:


Balera Leos to fit long bodies


Wardrobe frustrations


Capezio tall leotards


I got those within a minute of putting the terms:

leotard mirella sizing


into the search engine you get to if you press the "Search" button which appears at the top of every page on BT4D. Doing a search is relatively easy and gives you soooooo much access to sooooooooo much excellent information on here!

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Ineluctability, I know you were worried about taking up board space, but asking advice about sizing and getting other people's experience is never a waste of board space! Ever! Sharing this information is what we're all here for. Let's hope someone can help with specific information.


I'm afraid I can't help personally as leos and sizings here are different than in the US.

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I like the Mirella 201L and have it in all sorts of colors, but I'm 5'5". Though, according to discountdance, they only have XL in black.


There's a few tall people on this board though.. so hopefully they'll help you!

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Calling Laschwen!! You might try PMing her ...

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Are you required to wear a specific style of leotard as well as color? I am not tall or long-torsoed myself, but I have found that it's often possible to turn a too-short camisole leotard into a perfect fit halter, just by cutting the straps from the back, and tying them behind the neck instead. You might try that out with an old leotard and see if it works for you before "modifying" a brand new one. At any rate that might help you to customize the fit.

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Are you required to wear a specific style of leotard as well as color?


Definitely has to be burgundy but style doesn't matter. We are all normally in camis or halters. Never seen a sleeve of any sort.


I would try your cami trick IF I had a spare leo to do so. I don't want to use that TB1420 as it's perfectly brand new and I've tried to sell it on many occasions - though no one ever coughs up the $10 I ask! ;)

The only other one I have it my black leo I adore and won't deface.


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I have a Mirella cami leo (size L, M202L) and it is most definitely long enough for me (62", 6' tall). I also have a few Natalie camis (size L, N8041) and these are definitely long enough. In both leos I felt like I should have ordered a M when they arrived (I ordered the L for the length) but they are really comfy to dance in and don't ride anywhere. They all have shelf bras. I will definitely order Mirella & Natalie again. I think the Mirella is a little longer- if you're really worried about the length, I'd go this.


Then of course there is aforementioned the thread about the Baleras, but I don't own any of these so can't give an opinion!


Good luck!

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I'd really like more opinions of Balera quality. I ordered one a year ago - the color was totally different than in the catalogue and I had to sell it off. I have never once received a coupon from them, either. But other stores I buy from every time send one out each month is seems....I would also want to make a bigger order because their shipping starts at almost $8 - though I could take a 3 1/2 drive to St Louis and go shop at the store! ;)

I wish the store here carried more. Seems to be all smalls, mediums and miniature sized larges...and barely any in burgundy.

Man, I complain a lot!

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I am 5'10 with a long torso, so I guess I can put in my two cents. I have found that I like the Mirellas in size L and Capezios, also in size L (I've never seen the tall versions for sale, so I can't vouch for them). Oddly, I've had more luck getting well-fitting leotards online than trying them on in stores. My trick, thus far, has been to read the reviews of the ones I like. I specifically buy the ones that people say are long. It seems to work.

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I am not sure if this is helpful, but on the discountdance.com website, you can search by color rather than just checking every style to see what colors it comes in. Also their website has reviews, so you might be able to get some more opinions on how a specific style and brand fit. As far as I know, though, there is not a quick way to search through the reviews--ie, you can't do a search for "long torso." But you could pull up all the burgundy leotards and then read those reviews to get an idea about the fit.

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Yep. I've gone through there so many times...honestly. I go and search a few times a day sometimes. Like something new will show up. :)

A lot of styles don't seem to have every specific thing I am looking for.

I'm leaning towards just buying a Gaynor Minden leo direct and trying it. It seems they'd have good quality - and I can get the exact style and color from them.

No one store has all the supplies I need - I'm still needing a few things for my recital - especially a nude bra for under my costume.

Ugh. What a world!

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re: gaynor minden

I also have a long torso (definitely over 61", haven't measured in a while) and find that Mirella large fits well, although width wise the medium would be better. I have the GM lace leotard (mock turtleneck) in medium and it's really long in the torso and would probably fit you girth wise - there's room to stretch. The lining is pretty thick and supportive and goes a little longer than a shelf bra. I bought it in the NYC showroom and they were very helpful with sizing - maybe you could give them a call?

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  • 3 weeks later...

Just an update....

Went ahead and ordered a Gaynor Minden leo last week. It arrived yesterday....

Well, their idea of Burgundy is far beyond mine. The leo is beautiful material, etc - very sturdy it seems - yet it is practically Hot Pink. Haha.

I called the number for returning it - of course it was well after 5 in NY, and I will wait til Tuesday (due to the holiday on Monday) to hear from them.


So, back to leo hunting...

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