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So, I was traveling an hour to a ballet studio that I really enjoyed, and really challenged me.....and I would like to study more intensely, but with gas costs, and the fact that a decent studio is always an hour away at least.....it's relatively difficult to pay extra class costs! I know the more classes, the better you get.....but what about those of us who are recovering from college costs?


Don't mean to be whiny. I just miss dancing, and I really want to continue....but financially, it's so difficult....any suggestions?

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This is a pretty serious issue.. I know I'm spending over $1000 in clothing, classes, shoes and workshops this semester alone.

But otoh, I could be out in a bar and buying $10 martinis instead of taking a class for close that amount. (though there are days I dance, then drink ;-))


I enjoy this. And I'll either be spending money on dance.. or something else...


Irishprincess, is there people you could carpool with? Also some places may allow you to volunteer to work the front desk, and get free classes in return.

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the only person in my area who dances as intensely? is my brother....and at the moment, he can't afford to take class at all, which is incredibly discouraging, because he's the one who pushes me through class anyway....


yeah, that budget sounds about right.......shoes, clothing....and classes. And again, you get better when you take more classes......but...ah!

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I have this exact problem. Our studio in town closed and I have to drive an hour to class. All of my friends in our small town knew that I took dance and one or two asked about coming with me. I can afford the gas easier than they so I just decided to pay for it so they could afford to take class. My reasoning was I knew that I was going to go anyways and they could keep me company. These ladies were all brand new to ballet and I wanted them to go so bad that I decided to start taking the adult ballet class, which was below my level. I know that I could be pushing myself more but I have so much fun with my friends that it's almost worth it. I practice in a studio at home at other times and I'll be going to a higher level class this summer so I know that I'll catch up again.


I know the price of gas is really high, too. Sometimes I feel like putting a sail up on top of my van to help out. We have so much wind here that I could probably cut my gas expense in half.

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If I could get away with it, I'd shift the car into neutral and just drive that.....the Georgia hills are pretty good for inertia....but then the -up-hill is a drag....



I dunno. It's hard not to get discouraged. I mean, even 15$ an hour class, which I know isn't bad, really adds up quickly two classes a week, four weeks a month.....and that's just basic barre!

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Hang in there. Is there anyone you can recruit to go with you? They wouldn't have to be established dancers, would they? You didn't mention what level class it was but if it was a beginning class you could get someone to go. You could sell the idea of dancing to some of your friends and see if they might go in with you. That's how I got my van load every week, even though I'm paying gas. I know that if I asked they would certainly help out.





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Well, I'm technically intermediate. I've danced for five years, and that's what makes it difficult. That, and the area I'm from is -extremely- low income. They can't afford voice lessons, gas money, anything. I live in the foothills of Appalachia...and it makes things interesting.

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I have been doing the math again lately too.

$10 per class with a card (90 min), a little more at my second school

$2 parking

$ 7 gas...thereabouts


$95/week x 4 weeks = #380 for this month assuming I make it to all classes available.

This is the most expensive month of the year. Normally it maxes out at 3 times per week ($57) and $228/month plus leotards, tights, shoes, insoles for me, and all that.

This bothers my husband a lot. I am not sure how he will deal with it as I become more consistent with attendance through the summer either.

I only had two classes available per week last summer and this summer in view of my plans for going to ADC, I wish I had 4 per week.

I should point out that I would be spending it on health care for painful underused muscles or at the movies or video store instead if I didn't go.

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This is an issue for me too, unfortunately (not the gas, because there are close schools, but cost in general). I've actually been not dancing for a year while saving for a house.


I'm hoping to exchange costuming for classes next year. Maybe you have some skill you could barter with the school?

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I don't know. It's the Georgia ballet company, and they're relatively set in their ways.


I think I'll just have to squeeze out my budget a little better. My husband knows it's for my future career, so...hopefully....it'll be okay.

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I feel this way too! I was actually just trashing out the pros and cons of doing an easier class locally, or paying the £13 for a travel card in the morning to get to professional classes in town. With class at £7 plus £2 studio entry, it makes going professional class nearly £25! I'm actually doing a bit of both, but being audition ready is expensive :ninja:

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If the issue is just the cost of gas cutting into your budget, let me suggest you adopt this policy—no (or at least many fewer) single purpose trips. And that includes going to class. Do whatever errands you can do on your way to and from class. Stop at that discount store on the way and buy things you regularly buy.


Yes, you will wind up leaving earlier and getting home later, but you will also cut the time you are driving other places. And your car will like it also. You know the hardest you are on your car’s engine is when you start it when the engine is cold. If you take a 400 mile trip, 95% of the wear on you engine occurs in the first two seconds of the trip.

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That is probably the most awesome thing I have heard in a long time....*grins* And wow.....that could be absolutely amazing....

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I just found out that with my 2 schools I will be "able" to have 4 classes a week all through June and July instead of 2 or three.

Yeah and Uh Oh.

I will certainly want every one while preparing for Richmond, but my husband will not be thrilled with the extra cost and another evening absence which means he has to make his own dinner.

Earning ideas are in the fire......

I also plan to just go when the time comes and wait for him to count the days...or not. I make dinners ahead or leave leftovers.


I do the trip combining as much as possible since class and civilization are the same 25-30 miles away. I am getting used to being seen with my short hair all done up in two spaced out hair bands with sweat saturating it and my clothes when I pop into the store on the way home. I don't even bother with the fake hair clip any more.


Is anybody here paying $4 at the gas pump yet? I have heard some areas are that high. We still have $3.75 but it goes up or down by .20 from one day to the next.

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