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Humor is intelligent

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Okay, purely a silly chat topic here:


I don't think I've ever seen this icon used and decided it's about time. I think we need to have a "rarely used icons" thread going. Or even a "unique applications" of those icons, etc. Remember: pure creative silliness here. They say a good sense of humor is a sign of intelligence. That's my story and I'm sticking to it since I like to think myself both humorous and intelligent.


:lol: Meow!

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Moderator hat on: Um, could we keep it vaguely to ballet? As in "Ballet Talk for Dancers"? Or swap icons in PMs if you really can't stretch things to make them ballet-related :lol::D

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Okay...how's this?


Anyone know what a CAT icon is doing on a "Ballet Talk for Dancers" forum?





(But please, don't take it off. I like cats.)

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Duh Spinbug, obviously it's for a Pas de Chat! :lol:



Next ballet related paragraph:

I love it when we have live musicians in class, ever since Ballet Austin moved to a new studio... we have lots of musicians, and some of them actually transport me from the barre to a magical place :D



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Anybody have any idea what a clover icon is doing on a "Ballet Talk for Dancers" forum?


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Note that it's a FOUR-LEAFED clover. It's a merde, a good luck charm.

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I guess it means en croix (in the centre).



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:mondieu: I can't believe that I didn't know about all these icons before - I wondered where you found the cat etc so I clicked on Show All for the first time ever and hey presto there they all are - what fun! Anyway, mon dieu is of course because ballet terms are in French.
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Watch out for chaines! :mondieu: (it just describes me, happy in the first few steps, then yellow and finally green...)



Skyish! :blink:

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I thought teenage girls were bad! This is what our adult ballet class is like. You get all of us stay-at-home moms together and all we can do is talk and giggle. Finally, some "adult" conversation!




"Okay, everyone, it's time to start class!"

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:) The ninja icon is when you're late to class and tiptoe your way into the barre hoping the teacher doesn't notice.


Or when you just made a major mistake in the choreography, and wish you could disappear into the shadows!

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Here's that "deer-in-the-headlights" look I sometimes get when someone bravely comes to class for the first time. :huh: Speaking in a foreign language, trying to find those undiscovered muscles hidden deep within, fighting the urge to slip out the back door when they get a combination wrong, not wanting to be seen on the front row.


Sometimes I think they see me like this: :D , when I really only want to be this :blushing: for them.


Ballet can bring out insecurities in many adults :unsure: :


Last week I had a student whose negative memories of highschool left her feeling like this :crying: at the end of class. I tried to tell her that ballet class would give her the opportunity to let all of those bad memories go and to help her develop patience in herself. She just needed to stick with it and sweat it out :sweating: . And realize that perfection is an ideal and not a destination. She even wanted to know if we were going to have any tests that she might fail :( . She imagined this in her head, :D , when the rest of us responded like this :thumbsup: to her efforts and failures in ballet.


I hope she keeps coming to class, in this case not merely for her physical improvement but for her mental and emotional growth as well. Ballet is good for the the psyche if it's approached in the right way.

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