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Me? Nervous?

Tiiny Dancerx33

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I don't know if there are any suggestions for this problem but here it goes:


I've always been comfortable in front of an audience and at auditions since I was young. However, now that I'm 15, I'm starting to realize how important things are such as getting into certain schools and summer intensives. (I'm starting to feel like my time is running out.) Because of these feelings, I'm starting to become self conscience and nervous during auditions which is NOT like me. I want it so bad that I get myself worked up, and I end up messing up. I know that if I wasnt nervous I would be able to these things that I'm messing up very easily. But my nervousness is making me look weak as a dancer.


Did anyone else go through this? Are there any solutions? Do I just have to pull it together and get over it? :cool2:


Thanks in advance<33

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Do I just have to pull it together and get over it?


Very wise words but much easier said than done. You are fortunate that you do know what it is like to audition well and with confidence. :lol: Some have not ever experienced this at your age.


What you are experiencing is very common for a teenager. It may help to speak with your teacher or an adult you trust and admire who knows you and may be able to give specific ideas that really apply to you. Generally speaking, your fear and lack of confidence about auditioning will have to disappear..."pull it together and get over it".


Very cute! :cool2:

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Every good dancer gets nervous! Try getting friends and family together and practicing in front of them, then ask them to be at your performance. Then, all you have to do is tell yourself that it's just like at home but with more people! : )

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I experienced the same exact thing! I was always a little nervous but at an audition for a summer intensive last year I got so nervous I fell out of all my pirouettes in one combination. The very next day in class we did the exact same combination and I did them all cleanly. After that I proved to myself that I was able to do it, so I just think that an audition is just a normal class, and I can do all of the steps normally so I can do them at an audition too!

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