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Evening Floor Barre class in NYC?


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I am dealing with an injury right now and my doctor (who works with dancers) suggested I take a Floor Barre class.


Someone recommended Lonné Moretton's class but unfortunately that time is not convenient. I work all day in Midtown until 6:00 - 6:30 PM or so; the only evening Floor Barre class I can find on the internet is at Steps on Broadway which is taught by Lisa Bouley on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Anyone have any experience with that class? I am accustomed to pretty small classes (ballet and pilates),

do the Floor Barre classes at Steps usually have many students?


I am very attached to my current ballet studio and feel strange going somewhere else (so scary :cool2: ) but only so many places offer this and it seems to be the only evening option.


Any suggestions are welcome, thanks!

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Have you considered studying Yoga while you recover? You may be amazed at what you discover.


Out of curiosity, what is your current studio?

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Thanks Citibob, I am trying to work a yoga class into my schedule, thanks for the suggestion.

I don’t want to mention where I take class right now, hope that is OK.

I am planning to try prolotherapy soon; I am hoping that will help.

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