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Hello still dancing, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers. :wink:


I would start by checking the schedule at Orlando Ballet. It's a pretty safe bet for good training. :)

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Most larger schools have some adult classes, and hopefully they will have a good program for the adults there.

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Bumping up on this old thread


I will be interning at Disney World this coming Fall. I am very excited about the experience and also the ability to take ballet classes there! I have also considered the Orlando Ballet Adult classes but unfortunately, I am looking towards to 3-4 times a week ballet classes. Would it be feasible to just take adult ballet classes from the Orlando Ballet? I am not too sure about the culture in the USA but over here, adult classes are not very serious in training.


I would be only there for 5 months and worried that some serious schools would not accept students who would be here in such a short period of time. Any recommendations would be deeply appreciated!

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Definitely check out the Central Florida Ballet Academy. http://www.centralfloridaballet.com or 407.849.9948 They have intermediate/advanced adult classes in the mornings taught by Vladimir Bykov, probably the best Russian teacher you will find in Orlando! His classes are tough but fun, and have a many loyal ballet professionals who take it. Plus dancers from area theme parks and Cirque du Soleil take as well. You will have a blast and learn a lot in the meantime! #scaryRussian hahah It's an intense one hour class, $8 for pro's/college students

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