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My Inner Arches...HELP


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I have just recently begun to seriously worry about a problem I have with rolling over...it's getting so bad that my legs are beginning to look like they are turned in :) I try to think about raising my inner arches as much as possible; I walk, dance, and sit a certain way to make sure they are lifted as much as possible, but unfortunately, this idea doesn't seem to be working. I really need some good exercises or anything to help this problem; I wouldn't even be making a big deal if it wasn't for the fact that it's beginning to hurt my inner arches when i stand that way for a while and my way of "relaxing" my pain is standing on my feet in parallel and raising my inner arches, which works, but trying to stand in first or fifth with raised arches is very hard for me. Please help! :)


Nutmegdancer :P

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I'm a little baffled by the term "raising my inner arches". Are you clenching your feet? Not a good idea, for the reasons you have noted, and worse. Solutions for turnout problems come at the other end of the legs, at the hip, and involve working the hip rotators in order to improve rotation. Give your feet a break, and try fixing the problem the other way.

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