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I posted this on the buddy board, and forgive me if this doesn't apply, but I really wanted some more opinions from a broader source....


So, I was traveling an hour to a ballet studio that I really enjoyed, and really challenged me.....and I would like to study more intensely, but with gas costs, and the fact that a decent studio is always an hour away at least (where I live, anyway).....it's relatively difficult to pay extra class costs! I know the more classes, the better you get.....but what about those of us who are recovering from college costs?



The only person in my area who dances as intensely and could carpool with me?? is my brother....and at the moment, he can't afford to take class at all, which is incredibly discouraging, because he's the one who pushes me through class anyway....And again, you get better when you take more classes......but...ah!




Don't mean to be whiny. I just miss dancing, and I really want to continue....but financially, it's so difficult....any suggestions?

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Sorry, irishprincess, but we really do not allow the same topic on two forums. I do think you will get all the same responses where the original thread is, though.

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