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I was just accepted to be an apprentice with the Sierra Nevada Ballet, and I don't know that much about it. :P Does anyone know anything?



GG :)

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Never heard of them :)

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I would check and see if the Apprentices are a new position. When I look at the website for this season, I see that the company members are listed but under the section Apprentices/Pre-professional there aren't any names or any information. I think you definitely need to get some additional information.

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My concern with this company is that the season must be a very limited one, since all of their principals seem to also be members of other companies, and, they also seem to do a lot of teaching. This would indicate to me that the company might not be a full time professional company, meaning that they do not work a certain number of weeks per year. I do not know for sure, but just looking through the site, it seems like that. It could be that they are a summer company, as they do have several performances booked between May and August.


The school's SI is very short, like one week. :)

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The AD of this company taught classes at this years RDA Southwest. I liked her and the class, seemed like a down-to-earth and approachable person. Neat class in that she REALLY focuses in on port de bras, even to the point of taking it a bit beyond classical into some form of neo-classical (but nothing too odd). Very good a port de bras herself in that it would take five minutes to unfold her arm when she was demonstrating the combination (yes, being a bit facetious, but hyperbole for emphasis!). Certainly worth a look if her class was any indication.



[Edited by moderator to correct the spelling of port de bras. :) ]

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Thanks for the information - do you happen to know anything about the company? What style of ballet do they teach?



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No, she really didn't say too much about her company other than that she likes to foster develop "artists" (but what AD doesn't?). And I really couldn't get a definitive grasp of her style in the one class I had with her. The extensive port de bras was kinda Balanchine-y, but she did them very much at the barre, which typically isn't the case in Balanchine style classes (Suki as my reference on that one). As best as my memory serves me, center was kinda non-descript, nothing too out of the ordinary, which coming from me means Russian/Balanchine blend. Again, hard to say...

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