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Not long ago I was thrilled at the opportunity I found to get near custom size leotards. I ordered several things for my 70 inch girth and began the wait. Three things came in 6 weeks later. One was a unitard made with a Jazz leg by mistake and the other just had sleeves that were too tight despite the body being generous. I cut the sleeves off the one and it is fine. The unitard I got a half price refund on rather than junking it since it did fit well. Maybe I can use it in the future?


The dance dress was OK but I might move the straps to make it roomier at the shoulder.


Oh well.


I still need a few new leotards to get through summer so I tried again. I was confident in the size I should be ordering. I thought I might as well replace the ill fitting things in my ballet wardrobe in one shot so I ordered 3 more leotards and another dance dress.


The order came in last week and none of it was right.


None of the 3 leotards had the built in bra they were supposed to have. The 2 camisole styles fit but I am getting shy about nipples showing in my middle age so they went back. The dance dress came with the wrong color skirt and tight short sleeves despite the measurements I provided. One of the leos wasn't even lengthened.


I don't know if I should give up on the e-store I ordered from or the company that makes the items. I still need a couple of new leotards at least. The lady at the store has been very supportive about all this and is disappointed with the factory people but how do I know really, where the mistakes were made. I have a copy of my order and nobody argues with that. I just don't know if that is what got communicated to the factory or someone just failed to do the job right at the factory. Those bras were not optional bras either. They were in the item descriptions.


I found out about the Balera leotards I have already posted about midway through the second waiting period. They were supposed to fit according to the charts. The body liner I ordered fit nicely but the first leo of them didn't. That one didn't come bigger so I went to the next size up in 2 different ones. They were way too big. I wrote on the return form that I would like to try those same styles down one size if it wouldn't cost me any more shipping money. I wish now that I'd written Please send" instead as they haven't shown up. I gave it a shot.


Generally I am a persistent person and would just up and re-order at least one piece. I just have serious doubts right now. I don't mean to warn anyone off my sources or I would mention names...again. I know some of you will remember from previous posts anyway. It could be that any store would get the same results.


I am just so tired of leotards that fit like they were supposed to be French cut and leos that don't cover my breasts enough for me to be confident that I won't have a wardrobe malfunction on a cambre. I really have to get a serger and learn to sew on stretch fabric. I hope I still have an old worn out but nice fitting leo that I can save for a pattern.


Just one more "leave your mouth hanging open" moment I had this week. On my last visit to my tailor where I had him alter a leotard and hem the arm hole where I'd removed the sleeves on the new one, there was a lady there saying stuff about how it was not legal for him to sew on underwear or bathing suits. :) I showed her it wasn't underwear and asked what she was talking about. I didn't get a proper answer. She just seemed to think it was indecent or something. Where do people get these ideas? I know I live in Kentucky now, but that is ridiculous.

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I wasn't sure whether to add a reply or edit and say Never mind...


Sorry, that was a nasty funk that hit me but it is better now.

Once another leotard from Balera arrived on Saturday and fit I felt better. I even got the idea that one of the special order items can be salvaged despite being the wrong color if I get the sleeves taken off that one too. I just have to get it resent. :blushing: ...at maybe a nice discount.... :innocent:

Now, if they can add bra linings after the fact...and will do it, I will be very happy. If they don't I now have the Motionwear long torso's to try.


Thank Heaven for the informative folks on this board.

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I've been following your River's Edge/Bal Togs travails with mild horror, Laschwen, since I'm the one who recommended them. :innocent: Over the course of several orders in the last 2-3 years I have received 2 or 3 things which were manufactured wrong by Bal Togs but River's Edge has always re-ordered the item and had it shipped directly to me, and within my needed time frame when the item was for a performance. I don't know who is at fault: River's Edge or Bal Togs. I do know I saw a disparaging remark made recently about River's Edge on another BT4D forum (by a male member) but I've always been pleased with their service and help with size or color recommendations. I'm sorry for all the trouble you've had! If you haven't spoken with them directly about getting the incorrectly made items done completely over, that is what I would do.




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Well Lovelylight, I don't even know if you were the first to recommend them or not. I used them ages ago when someone said they had plus sizes and started again after New Years when someone said they could get added length with the Bal Togs stuff. I don't think you are the only one to recommend them. I am trying to think of this as a fluke, but my salesperson does have some resistance to new special cut orders.


When the first item came in wrong from the new orders, I thought it could be fixed and asked if they would do that. I was stunned when the message came back from Bal Togs saying no. I should have just asked for a re-do then, but when River's Edge offered a discount on the one as is (for my tailor to try fixing it) I agreed to have it re-sent and keep it for whatever. That might have been the wrong move.

I just doubted the unitard could be sold to someone else with the added body and leg length, and it did fit nicely..... I was raised not to let stuff go to waste. I just don't plan to wear a Jazz leg in a ballet class. I imagine going back to Tap or Ballroom sometime and it would be OK there.


I think I will make another call now.

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How good is your tailor, really? For what you're paying to have this stuff special made and shipped all over the place, do you think he could just make something from scratch where he can actually SEE you, measure you, try things on, etc?

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Nice idea but not that good.......but at least he has a serger and can hem stretch stuff if I need it.

I tried a few stitches on supplex with my regular old Brother machine and it just wouldn't stitch properly. Pity.

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