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My oldest dd was offered a contract with Rochester City Ballet yesterday. Anyone know anything about it? The school associated with it is The Draper Center.

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There are at least two parents of dancers with this company on the board, so I hope they will help you. I have a former student who is dancing with them and is very happy. :)

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My dd called me late last night and said she liked the AD's class and everyone was very nice. Some of the dancers even took her out to dinner! She will be told today the exact pay and benefits. She already has another small company offer so will have to decide soon.

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I have seen quite a few performances by Rochester City Ballet and have been very impressed with the AD and her choreography. DD is friends with several of the current and past dancers and students and they are all very friendly and considerate of one another. They also speak highly of their AD. Only complaint was the weather - too much snow being so close to Buffalo! All comments we have heard are positive. Edward Ellison also set his choreography for Carmen on RCB. They did a fantastic job. I am sure your DD will be very happy at RCB.

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Wonderful News Balletgirl!!!!!!!!!!


Congratulations, and it couldn't happen to a nicer family!!!! :ninja::yes::yes:









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Fabulous news Ballet22! What a blessing to have offers to choose from.

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Ballet22, I hope you will post back on whether or not your DD takes the contract for RCB.... I have family in Rochester and I have been doing a little research on this company, as a possible future direction for my own DD... so will be curious!

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I think she will probably take Rochester and let the other company know that she won't take that one. It's hard to turn something down! She should get the contract next week and find out all the details. Thanks to everyone for all your good wishes!!

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What great news! :sweating: Congratulations to you both! :sweating:

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YAY!!!! Congrats!!! :sweating:

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This thread is great because I'm interested to read everything I can on Rochester City Ballet and their school, the Draper Center. DD is headed there this summer for their intensive, the first one they have ever opened up to students outside Draper!


balletgirl22sk, Thanks for your responding PM! So great to communicate with another mom who is so much more experienced in Ballet than I and whose dds are much farther along in their ballet journeys than mine.


I tried to reply and got a message that you either have your PM function turned off your your inbox memory is full..


I would certainly be a much more clueless dancemom if it weren't for this site! :)

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I wanted to let people know who are interested in RCB what their Nutcracker was like. I went to Sat night, Sun mat, and Sun night. Pretty good crowds and nice theater- Eastman theater associated with Eastman school of music. Great orchestra and live children's chorus for snow.

These were the best rehearsed kids I have ever seen and I have danced in and seen a lot of Nuts! Even for the Mother Ginger kids and party kids, the choreography was more difficult than I have ever seen and they handled it beautifully!

There are 2 extra dances in the 2nd act which I had never seen before in Nut and I could do without. They also have a Christmas fairy that "flies" and dances which I thought was a little strange but different.

I was thrilled (and nervous) to see my daughter dance Snow Queen- she loved every minute of it!

Sugar Plum and Cavalier were both from ABT- 1 couple performed the first 3, a 2nd ABT couple performed the last 3.

All in all, a very professional Nut!

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It sounds lovely! And congratulations to your daughter on the Snow Queen role!

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