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I have a severe case of achilles tendonitis and am going to orlando ballet's 5 week summer intensive. :unsure: I have heard it is very intense, and that's what i'm looking for. The only problem is i am worried i will get injured. :) My mom keeps on warning me, but i think nomatter what, 7 hours a day 6 days a week for 5 weeks straight will kill my ankles. I also have many auditions and an additional summer intensive to attend afterwards and if i get hurt i am worried this will be a wasted summer. Any advice??? :unsure:

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Rest!!! First and foremost, beforehand. If your tendinitis is active right now, not only rest, but ice, soft compression and elevation are indicated. If it continues, you may even have to scrap the SIs entirely to give your tissues time to recover. Remember, it's all very well to want to take on a vigorous schedule, but if your body is sending you signals like pain, listen to it! You won't make anybody happy, least of all yourself, if you end up having to take a medically-ordered break for six or so months!

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I have had tendonitis before and I know It is not fun. What I did was I first went to the doctor and he took a look at it. He told me to take some time off untill it felf better. He said if that didn't work (which It did for me) that he would start me up on phisical therapy. He also said that while I was taking a break from danceing to stretch it, ice it, and rub it. Hope this helps!

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Hello dancermpr, welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers :thumbsup:


I'm glad to hear that your tendonitis is better, but I must caution you about advice, because sometimes the injury is not the same, or not in the same place, and the advice could be harmful. Rubbing the achilles tendon is definitely NOT a good idea, for instance. Now, that said, rubbing the calf muscle, above where the tendon inserts into the calf, CAN be helpful.


Advice for tendonitis is almost always the same...Rest, Ice, Elevation, and possibly some anti-inflammatory medication.

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