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Long Necks!


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I try to stretch my neck in class, but whenever i do, my teacher corrects me and tells me to relax my upper body. When i do, i look into the mirror and my neck is a stub again. Is a long neck natural to some and not others? Will a short neck set me back if i want to go professional?????

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Remember, necks look longer if they don't have a nearby reference point. Therefore, don't let your shoulders rise up instead of craning at your neck in order to make it look longer.

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We try here, we really do! :)


Ms. Leigh, Mrs. Schneider and I are all very experienced ballet teachers and have each helped our share of young dancers on their ways.


But one thing, I know that you have been a member since February, but your first post (actually your mother's, under this name) wasn't until May 1. We won't change you over to a Teens membership until you have been posting for at least fourteen days on the board. This is merely a safety issue, as we don't want impostors getting access to the private conversations of minors. In the past, the 14-day, 30-post limit has tripped up the phonies before they get to the more chatty Buddy Board. Ease up a bit for now. Making a run on 30 posts won't get you there any sooner.

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